Friday Funday: Pinterest Back-to-School Quilt Project Tutorials


Back to School Quilted File Folder Tutorial from The Sewing Rabbit

Easy Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag Tutorial designed by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter


Backpack to School Designed By Cassie Williams from Pellon


Quilted Lunch Tote Tutorial designed by Teresa VanHatten-Granath for Sew Mama Sew


Pencil Case Tutorial designed by Kathy from Hamils Happenings

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    My Fabric Fairy Delivers Again!

    Abbi May’s Fabric Shop and I have had a very beneficial relationship for about 10 years.  I have spoken of it often here at Quilt Therapy because the owner, Linda, and her shop deserve the recognition!  Over the last couple of weeks, my fabric fairy (aka fabric pusher) has delivered four different fabric groups for various projects I have slated to work on this year and in 2015.

    Here’s some of the fabrics and the collection names that are currently available through


    “Flamingo Fling” designed by Michele Scott for Northcott Fabrics


    “Floragraphix Batiks” designed by Jason Yenter for In the Beginning Fabrics


    “A Quilter’s Garden” designed by Bird Brain Designs for Fresh Water Designs


    “With All My Heart” designed by Gerri Robinson from Red Rooster Fabrics

    Place your orders now as these fabrics are so beautiful, they won’t last long!  And remember, all fabrics at are always at least 10% off EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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      Have a Heart

      I used to be able to crochet.  Well, I can still crochet but because of my skin allergies, the yarn or thread has to be washed before I can use it or my hands & fingers will blister.  Have you ever pre-washed yarn or thread?  Even in a lingerie bag?  What a tangled up nightmare!  Certainly takes the fun out of my non-quilt talents!

      While cruising up and down the aisles at our local craft store, I found these beautiful small, pre-made hearts at an extremely affordable cost.  I have mostly used them in cards to people who lose a loved one or just to say “you have my heart.”  I have quite a stash of them and purchase a few more each time I go into that craft store.  They are just perfect examples of a tangible object that reminds all of us that a heart is perfect as long as it is a heart full of love.


      You may have seen this Mini Quilted Lovie here I made using one of these crocheted hearts.  They would also make a great applique for a special quilt!

      You never know what may be lurking in your craft shops and stores if you don’t take the time to look up and down each aisle (in my case, while looking for something else entirely!).

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        Flashback Tuesday: MKs Tea & Roses

        I had SO much fun putting this little table topper together!

        Free Table Topper Pattern from

        It was a free weekend table topper pattern from from 2007 but the pattern is timeless, no matter what fabrics you use.

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          These Hills are Alive…with the Smell of Herbs!

          My husband planted some beautiful herbs last year.  They are beautiful because they are annuals and as long as we water them, don’t let them go to seed and the Texas heat doesn’t kill them…they will come back year after year.  LOVE me that kind of gardening!  Not to mention that we can either freeze some of them (basil frozen, check) or dry some of them in the food dehydrator.  So I can have fresh, home-grown, organic herbs whenever I cook…or hubby cooks.

          Here’s some of my beautiful herbs:







          A word of warning…do NOT plant chives if you have free range turkeys.  Within the first month of having planted chives, the two Tom turkeys we have ate the chives down to the roots!  Really chapped my khaki’s because that was one of the few items I would have cooked with most often!

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