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    Friday Funday: Happy Scrappy Free Quilt Patterns with Tutorials Specifically for Beginners

    I am sure that MY idea of a quilt for beginners is different than a beginner-friendly quilt from others…but, here’s MY opinion of a beginner’s quilt:  All straight lines or squares.  That’s it.  If I am able to design and/or find a quilt that fits those two parameters, then I recommend them to beginning quilters.  Below are Pinterest quilts with free tutorials or patterns that fit MY idea of beginner-friendly quilt (click on the images or links below the images for the free tutorial or pattern):

    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 2014 Block of the Month Quilt, Original Project designed by TK Harrison from

    Fading Charms Quilt from Wedding Dress Blue

    Scrap Quilt by Jerri Farris


    Step in Time from Samelia’s Mum

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      Mommy Daughter Time

      I have been making it a joke all this past week that I was under house arrest.  While that is mostly true, the bottom line is that our two oldest daughters are working at a Boy Scout camp about an hour away from home and do not get enough time off on the weekends to come home.  My husband and son were off on my son’s weekly summer camp in Arkansas…which left me our youngest (13-year-old) daughter at home with me.  And, of course, two dogs, five hens and a wayward turkey.  Said daughter does NOT like to be at home alone.  So, I wasn’t able to come to my office shed to do much work unless I had preplanned something to keep her occupied…which only happened two times the entire week.  But, Mommy/Daughter time is important (or Mom/Son time), regardless of whether it’s for a week, for a day or even for a few hours.  As parents, we work hard to make sure to have special time with all of our children together, as a family, as well as individual time with each child.

      We had a list of things we planned to do each day, some we completed successfully and some we didn’t.  But, I think she had a little bit of fun throughout the week, even if it was just having the opportunity to be an only child and having Mom’s undivided attention!

      The one thing we made sure we accomplished was making chocolate chip cookies.  She wanted to make them for her dad, as a homecoming gift to him, because she knows how much he likes cookies.  No problem on my end!  I had the time and we had all of the ingredients on-hand so we made cookies!


      Now the only problem we all will have is trying to help her understand that she made them for ALL of us and not just her nor just for her dad.  Wish me luck because they are delicious (oh yes, I did have two one evening, without her permission).

      Wawak Sewing

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        Flashback Tuesday: Bittersweet Churning 2012 Block of the Month Quilt from

        Have you ever designed and made (or just made) a quilt where you felt, down deep in your soul, who the quilt was for…before ever choosing who to gift a quilt to?  This one was mine.  When I started it, I had no clue who I would gift or sell it to.  But once it was complete, I knew who should have it.

        Ultimately, this is a quilt made of nine-patch blocks.  Each block is different and yet, each is the same.

        Bittersweet Churning 2011 Block of the Month Quilt from

        I gifted this quilt to my foster mother, when she came to winter with us in early 2013.  And to say that she loved it would be an understatement.  She was tickled, excited and felt beyond blessed that I gave her one of my quilted creations – from my quilted heart to hers.

        It’s never too late to give a quilt of love to a special someone in your life!

        Limoges Jewelry

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