Fabric Stash Building!

I am working very hard at building up a great fabric stash for when my quilt studio is finished.  I bartered for these fabrics – and what a great barter for me!  I did have to give a little fabric lesson to DD #2, explaining that only two of these fabrics were actually focus fabrics…the rest will either be used as complimentary or companion fabrics to a focus fabric…when I find the right focus fabrics for a quilt or quilt project.

LOVE these fabric choices and the colors of the fabrics, too!


What about YOU?  Do you prefer to use complimentary fabrics from the same fabric line as your focus fabric…or do you find a focus fabric and then use companion fabrics to complete a quilt or quilted project?

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    Friday Funday: Easter Egg & Fabric Swag Craft Tutorial

    Since our four children are now all teenagers (yes, feel free to pray for us having to deal with four teenagers in the house!) and I have my own MS health issues, we have decided to downsize our Easter decorations.  I am not going to decorate the house with all of the stuffed bunnies and eggs, I am not going to get the baskets out early and I am not going to stuff plastic eggs anymore.  So, I wanted a quick and easy Easter craft that would brighten up our living room with the pastels of the season.  Introducing my (very simple) Easter Egg & Fabric Swag Craft:


    This is the list of supplies you will need:

    Easter Egg & Fabric Tutorial

    Scrap jelly roll fabrics

    Easter Egg & Fabric Tutorial

    Plastic Easter eggs with holes in them.

    Easter Egg & Fabric Tutorial

    Heavy thread

    Easter Egg & Fabric Tutorial

    Large needle and threader (optional)


    1)  Cut your jelly roll scraps in half, ending up with 1 1/4″ strips.
    2)  Cut each strip to 10″ in length.

    3)  Cut a strip of string to your own specifications.  Tie one end of your string with an over-and-under knot.
    4)  Thread your needle with the string.


    5)  Fold each 1 1/4″ x 10″ strip in half.


    6)  Sew the very top of the strip loosely with your string, then push it down on the string.


    7)  Continue sewing your strips to the string until you have used up all of your fabric strips and your string is full.
    8)  Hang your string of fabric up to make sure you have enough fabric on the strips.


    9)  Now it is time to string up your plastic eggs!
    10)  Cut enough strings for the number of eggs you have.
    11)  Using a needle and the string for your eggs, use your needle to ‘sew’ the eggs to the strings.



    12)  Now you are ready to tie your eggs to your fabric swag!

    That’s all it takes!  I finished this craft within an hour, so you should be able to do so, too!


    Hope you’ve enjoy making this Easter Egg & Fabric craft as much as I did!  It is now an Easter swag that our family can enjoy throughout the rest of Easter!


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      My Latest Actress

      One of the most-rewarded UIL events at the school in our little town is the One-Act Play (OAP).  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the least recognized UIL events where sports is king (and queen) in Podunk, Texas…and those of us who have children who participate in OAP are pretty darned glad they have been able to keep OAP when nearly all of the other fine arts have been eliminated due to budget cuts.  We had a winning band a few years back, where 16 band members played their hearts out at a contest and brought home the ‘top dog’ trophy for their hard-earned efforts.  But alas, band is not a sport (not even the marching band) so it was really easy for the school board to dump it.  Our children now have theater, choir (that has only three junior high students in it) and art as their only fine art electives.  This is a huge rant in our household…so, I will reign myself in and get on with the reason for this blog post – our creative actress!

      Our oldest daughter was involved in OAP for three years – and loved every single minute of it.  She earned her first award in her senior year and could not have been more excited!  And we were very excited for her!

      And now, we get to our second child/daughter…who earned awards at every single OAP festival and/or contest the OAP company participated in last year; even though she was not the main character in the play.  Amazing actress!  This year, the OAP performed “Blythe Spirit” and although the company put on an amazing play, it did not advance to the next competition level.

      DD#2 played the role of Madam Arcarti, the eccentric medium and clairvoyant.  And if there was ever a role for this girl to play, this one had her name written all over it!  Here are a couple of photos of her from their dress rehearsal:

      OAP 2014 Blithe Spirit 009

      OAP 2014 Blithe Spirit 013

      And even though they did not advance past Zone, she also earned a precious medal – All Star Cast at the Zone competition:


      The challenge now is up to the director who is already pouring over scripts in hopes of choosing another winner for next year!

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