Quilt Studio Dream Design

My quilt studio still isn’t ready for action but I am impatiently anticipating and dreaming of the finished space.  All of the walls and ceiling will be white – I wanted a totally blank space so my fabric colors aren’t affected by any tinting in paint colors.  The floor tiles we chose are not quite white but pretty close.

So, time to put my mad designing skillz to the test.  I already have most of the furniture and appliances that will go into my studio, but it doesn’t hurt for a quilt girl to dream now does it?  Mind you, as a person with MS, I want everything on wheels (that lock and unlock) so that if I reach a point where I cannot walk very well, I can move items around to fit myself in a rolling desk chair or a wheelchair.

If I had unlimited funds, these are the items I would add to my studio to make it quiltastic:

I would not use this as a cutting table as it’s too short for me.  However, it would make a great spot to put finished quilt blocks, waiting to be sewn together.

This is the table that would be used for cutting as it extends tall enough for my height.  Plus, the table top unlocks and rotates vertically for easier storage.  AND, by tossing a bit of batting over the top, this piece could also double as a design wall!

There is a little alcove with a window where my foster mother reserved as her special spot.  In that space, she needs a recliner, in case she wants to grab a quick nap.  The splash of color that this lounge chair would bring to the studio would be perfect!

I already have one of these shelf units and our plan is to purchase two more and then put casters on the legs.  The shelves would be placed side-by-side (by width) and with the casters, they can be moved back and forth for easy fabric access from either side.

We have already decided to go with task lighting and not overall lighting, and with a couple of these OttLite floor lamps, mobile pure lighting is the name of the game!

Although this doesn’t totally outfit my studio, it does give me a great perspective on what would and wouldn’t work in the space I have.  And there are many items I already have in my current sewing room that can be re-used…such as open plastic baskets for the shelves, thread spool holders, ironing board, etc.  I am perfectly happy with these things, no matter where they will be placed.

What about you?  How would you design your quilt studio dream?

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    Friday Funday: T-Shirt Quilt Beginnings

    I have enjoyed making t-shirt quilts for a few years…and they just keep getting better and better as I practice my mad quilting skills on them.  For those of you who have never made a t-shirt quilt but want to…my best advice is to do some research with your favorite search engine to see what you can find.  Tutorials are plentiful, just make sure you find one that makes sense to you and has a lot of positive comments with it.

    These past two weeks, I have been working on a his and hers t-shirt quilt.  The husband belonged to a fraternity and the wife belonged to a sorority when they met in college.  Now that they are married, the bride’s mom asked me to make a t-shirt quilt that would put both the bride and groom’s Greek-dom together in one quilt.

    The t-shirts they sent me for the groom were simple enough – they wanted all of his t-shirts used, fronts and backs.

    The bride sent me a HUGE box of t-shirts (and even some sweatshirts) and we had to cull out a number of them so we had even numbers for his side and her side.  Below is how we conducted the culling process.  First, we laid out ALL of the wife’s t-shirts and photographed them:


    Next, the wife sent me a list of the ones she wanted included…so that her numbers matched his numbers.  After we pulled her choices out of the box, I then sent her another email with the following photograph, just to make sure we had the correct t-shirts that she wanted:


    She emailed me to let me know we’d mixed one up, but otherwise, I was good to go and could start fussy cutting the fronts of the shirts!

    We are still quite a ways out from beginning to end…but, the process is just as fun for me now as it was with the first t-shirt quilt I made!

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      Vintage Quilt Completed

      This beautiful quilt, guesstimated to have been made in the 1930’s, was *really* hard to let go of!  Absolutely beautiful.

      But not mine.  WAAAAHHHHHH!

      I’m not even going to try to explain the relationship with the owner and myself, but suffice it to say she was married to a cousin for many years and she will always be part of our family because of it.

      But this quilt is still not mine!   WAAAAHHHHHH!

      I wrote about this quilt here, which should give you a better understanding of what the original quilt top involved.  And below is the finished quilt (still stunning and STILL not mine!):


      And this is the label I attached to the back of the quilt:


      I put it in the mail to my cousin last week…and she should have it soon.  I was so very happy to finish this quilt for her and I hope she treasures it as much as it should be treasured…but, it’s still NOT mine!  hrumph

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        Out of My Comfort Zone Fabrics

        I had a doctor’s appointment in the big city (San Antonio) last week and we had just a bit of time for a stroll through Joann’s to see what we could see.  They had blank note cards at a phenomenal price and we are always searching for blank cards if we are out of specific cards (such as birthday, thinking of you, etc.).

        As my scooter went in and out of the quilt fabric aisle, my chicken-eye caught on some extremely busy and bright fabrics.  Let me assure you, these are NOT the types of fabrics I have in my stash!  I am much more of a traditional quilter – it even took me about a year before I would even try to work with batiks!  But, for whatever reason, these three fabrics below beckoned to me:


        When I was unloading our purchases in my sewing room, something in these fabrics once again had my chicken-eye roving.  I *had* to figure out why the colors were so familiar to me – even though I would never have chosen these fabrics since they were so far out of my comfort zone.

        Lo-and-behold, my stash search immediately found what was in the back of my mind – fabrics I already had from AbbiMays.com that matched these new fabrics better than I could have matched them if I’d had them in mind when purchasing the new fabrics!


        Lesson learned for me!  Not only did I realize that my MS brain still has some areas that worked, but also that just because fabrics are out of my comfort zone, they are fabrics that are crying out for me to design a quilt for them!

        How about YOU?  Have you purchased fabric out of your comfort zone, only to realize it was the best fabric for the  job?

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          Flashback Tuesday: Nine Patch Nirvana from BlockCentral.com

          In 2006, I was pretty new to block of the month quilt process but decided to do two quilts out of a lovely pattern at BlockCentral.com named “Nine Patch Nirvana”.  I could make a nine patch.  I could sew on borders.  I even followed the pattern, which is funny as I change patterns all the time (mine and others’ patterns).  I was sure I had the skills needed to make that quilt.  Then, I visited with a dear friend and she wanted the same quilt design but with her chosen ‘beach’ colors.  So, instead of making one block a month, I made two.  And I must say, I am extremely pleased with the results.  My “Nine Patch Nirvana” is on the back of the sofa and is a beloved quilt for anyone who feels cold or sleeps on the sofa.


          And here is my friend’s quilt, which turned out exactly as she wanted it to look:


          That one quilt pattern and process began a passionate fire in me and the very next year, I designed my first block of the month quilt on my BOMquilts.com website!  It was a HUGE success with my website audience and made a good amount of money for the shop that sponsored it.

          Do YOU enjoy block of the month quilts?

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