Fabric Writing

You may recall that I made some Quilted Lovies for the church my husband has been a lay minister for since October 2012.  The Quilted Lovies were to be given to each child or person who my husband baptized.  Hubby handed out four the day he took them to the church…and I made two extra ones for future baptisms that he stashed in the church office.

Last weekend, there was a baptism scheduled.  The Quilted Lovies were in south Texas…and I had no way to document the child being baptized and their baptism date.  What to do, what to do?

After contemplating the issue, I finally decided to make a quick sample of the Quilted Lovie, so someone at the church could write on the back of the Quilted Lovie by first practicing on a sample.  Reason being that writing on fabric that moves around is completely different than writing on paper!


It was a great plan…but, once hubby got to the church, no one knew who had scheduled the baptism and no one knew who was supposed to be baptized!  No worries – we are armed and ready for the next baptism with this sample and fabric markers!

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    Shhh, I’m Hiding from the Quilt Police!

    No sir officers, I have absolutely NO idea how these two mini-jellies ended up in my shopping cart.  I did pay for them, but how did they get in my cart?  Do you have an undercover fabric-basket-filler who patrols the craft store, tossing random jellies into people’s carts?  I smell a conspiracy!!!


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      Tote Bag Fun

      I have slowly getting a tote bag ready for a tote bag swap I joined in one of the Facebook groups I belong to.  The only requirements are that it be at least 14″ wide.  The coordinator of the swap asked each of the swap members what colors they would like.  She used that single parameter to choose what colors we were to make our tote bags for each secret recipient.

      Let me interject here that the colors I was given were completely out of my comfort zone and I did not have at least one of the fabrics that I was given.  Off I go to the quilt shop last year and picked up a fat quarter of the fabric color my secret tote bag recipient requested…and I found a really cool braided handle to put with my tote bag.  Except when I got the lovely handle out to get ready to put it on the tote bag, I realized it was WAY too thick to not only sew through…I was also afraid that it would be something I was uncomfortable putting on a gifted project because of its thickness.

      Off to the craft store today, to find a bit more fabric for the inside of the tote bag because I did not have any of that color in my stash, and to look for a better option for the tote bag handles.  I found success in both the interior fabric and the handles!


      And as I was making the tote bag, I made darned sure I had reinforced ALL of the seams.  If you are going to have a tote bag that is at least 14″ wide, it would most likely be used to carry heavier things and I wanted to be sure that the tote bag can stand up to that.


      I have enjoyed this secret swap project…and now we wait to find out who our secret tote bag swapper is so I can send her the tote bag with her chosen colors!

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        Flashback Tuesday: Quilted Card Wallet

        We have four children.  I was either nursing a baby or pregnant for eight straight years.  My diaper bag, at times, was a backpack, other times a large tote bag.  At one point, my husband and I were changing the diapers of three kids. When our youngest child was finally potty-trained, my husband and I calculated we had been changing diapers for 10 years straight!  I can assure you, we called our usual date-night dinner companions and went out to celebrate over that milestone!

        Once the kids were in school, I swore I would NEVER carry a purse bigger than absolutely necessary.  My shoulders thanked me.  My back thanked me.

        My purse is big enough to hold the bare essentials…and if the kids want to bring along anything in the auto, I make them carry it themselves – either in a purse or in a backpack.  I am *done* being their pack-horse.

        Fast forward a few years to 2007 when I made this Quilted Card Wallet for my very small purse and am still using it, to this day, seven years later.  The fabric is an old line of civil war reproduction fabrics…and the plastic is from a huge fabric store in Oregon during our family’s camping adventures in the summer of 2006.  I’m pretty sure I still have some of that plastic left in my stash :-).

        Quilted Card Wallet
        Free Pattern from BOMquilts.com

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          Friday Funday: Homemade Valentines!

          A week ago was Valentine’s day.  We are a family who tells each other we love them daily.  We don’t need a holiday to show how much we care about each other.  We are also a family of four whose calendar is full to the gills – and last week was no exception.  Overflowing.  Never much time to just sit and chill.  But, after seeing this post from our eldest daughter (who is away at college but came home last weekend), I had to make a Valentine’s Day candy & gift run:


          No Hallmark in this house – we have always made our own Valentine’s messages.  This year, I found some fun jokes to put on all of the kids’ and hubby’s Valentine’s cards:


          And here is a special Valentine from our youngest Valentine – complete with a brownie inside of the bag (YUMMY! – and that cow is pretty special to me, too):


          Dear daughter #1 started the ball rolling and she’s correct…we have had the same type of Valentine’s Day goodies and gifts for her whole life…and I hope to keep that special tradition alive as long as I can!

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