Quilting Essentials

I am a self-taught quilter, just as I am a self-taught website designer.  I purchased a quilt in my teen years and borrowed a sewing machine and now, 30+ years later, I am continually honing my craft.

Through the years, I have put together a small but mighty list of quilting essentials.  Everyone knows about thread, patterns, fabric, etc.  But, quilters who have been around a quilt a time or two also have their own idea of quilt essentials – and I personally feel it’s imperative to share those quilt necessities with new quilters.  Especially since I learned these things through other quilters or by trial and error.

See this photo?


THESE magnetic pin holders are on my quilting essential list.  Not only will they hold my pins securely but if I drop pins on the floor, I just turn the magnetic pin holder upside down and go back and forth with it down near the floor – and it will pick up my pins even if I cannot see them!  I can also put a pin holder in my quilt bag, for hand-sewing projects that I may need while riding in the auto or waiting for doctor’s appointments.

What is on YOUR quilting essential list?

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    iPad Tote Bag

    I was gifted with my iPad about six months ago.  The only thing I’ve done to it was to purchase a waterproof casing for it.  I think it’s time I treat myself to a bit of my own quilted fun by making an iPad tote bag for it!


    It’s been fun to re-size my ‘normal’ tote bag pattern to fit my iPad.  Sometimes, I design a quilt and just go on remote and memory to make it, sometimes following my own design pattern and sometimes enhancing it.  I really only have to use my own noggin when making a t-shirt quilt.  Hence, although it took me a while to mathematically figure out the fabric dimensions to make it perfect for my iPad size, it was a breath of fresh air to know that I am still able to do those types of things with my diminishing brain power because of my MS.

    I haven’t had time to get back into my sewing room to finish the tote – but, I’m anticipating being able to do it sometime this week.  Next up will be a cover for my iPad itself.  Because the waterproof case is thicker than any iPad case on the market, will have to once again use my noggin to figure out how to put it together so it further protects my iPad.  Stay tuned to the continuing saga of the quilted iPad cover!

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      Food for Quilting Colors

      I have said it before and I will say it again – MANY of the food items that we eat are quilt color inspirations.  This is a photo of a delicious pasta salad I made.  Take a look at the colors (below the image) that would make a fabulous quilt!



      Look no further than your refrigerator for quilt color inspiration!

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        November Quilt Dash is Underway – are YOU participating?!

        The November Quilt Dash started on November 15th – and we’re waiting for YOU to Dash along!  It’s SO simple to create a member’s account and visit the shops who are participating in the November Quilt Dash – not to mention, all of them have special pricing on various quilt-related products that it will knock your socks off!

        This is an image of the FREE quilt pattern you can earn by completing the November Quilt Dash:


        I sometimes feel like Mr. Rogers…especially when asking you “won’t you be my neighbor” (and play the Quilt Dash).  🙂

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