Play Quilt Dash with Us!

The September Quilt Dash is in full swing and the pattern a member receives when they complete the project is absolutely adorable!  Of course, I may be a bit bias since I designed it 🙂

If you are not a member yet, click on this image and create your member’s account:

Then, just follow the instructions!

Here’s an image of the cute quilt I designed for those who complete the Quilt Dash:


Come on – Join Us at!

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    There’s No Crying in Quilting!

    ahem…ahem…I’ll be okay, just clearing my throat.  R I G H T.  There CAN be crying in quilting.  And, at least in my case, it’s usually because of nutty errors I’ve made and not something more unforgiving such as my sewing machine breaking down, I am on my last rotary cutter blade and have to literally cut apart my fabric with scissors, I ran out of thread and the nearest quilt shop that carries my thread is 45 minutes away, etc. etc.

    This past Sunday, I was ready to hang it all up.  I had designed a lovely table runner and was going to use my signature sew-n-slash methods for making the blocks that would create the table runner.  I had already pulled out some fabric for this table runner so all that was left was to put a single block together and then, if it worked as I planned, I could create another seven blocks for the project.

    My first snafu occurred when I sewed one color of strips incorrectly – so, the green was next to the purple but in my design, the WHITE was supposed to be next to the purple.  No worries, I quickly reexamined my blocks and decided I would rotate them – half with the green next to the purple and the other half with the white next to the purple.  It was all good, and would still look pretty.  And it did!  It all came together beautifully!

    Snafu #2 happened when I sewed the second block – one of the strips of green was too short…I had sewn the strips in the wrong order.  I did a little ripping and figured I’d just sew an extension to that green strip and all would be good.  Unfortunately, I also did a little nipping and accidentally cut the white strip next to the green strip – no way was I going to make that square work now.  hrumph

    Snafu #3 was when I realized I hadn’t pulled enough scraps out from my stash so I asked DD#2 to help me.  She did a great job and found more scraps that I could use, including one we made work.

    I decided, instead of using my sew-n-slash method, I would use a foundation pieced method.  This meant I was able to lay out the strips, to be sure I sewed them all in the correct order but also that I had enough of the scraps to use.  Back to the drawing board…errr, stash baskets for my daughter!  And my snafu #4.

    Ah yes, it couldn’t stop there now could it?  After a little break from it all, I went back and marked the strips onto the foundation piece.  Went to place the fabrics to measure for length and messed up the lines (needed 1/4″ more for each line) so ironed off the markings and re-measured.  Oh yes, I am sure you can see what’s coming!  Snafu #5 occurred when I started sewing the strips to the foundation and went to press them – I erased ALL of the other lines I’d drawn!  ARGH  (mental note:  if using a disappearing ink pen, be very, very careful!)

    Once I redrew the lines, the sewing went pretty quickly – I was pleased with the ease of putting the blocks together.  Until Snafu #6 occurred where I once again didn’t gauge the length of a strip needed and ended up with a mess I was NOT going to fix.

    I was done.

    Turned off my machine and ironing board and left the whole mess for another day – when perhaps, I won’t cry anymore over my mistakes.

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      Calling All Online Quilt Shop Owners and Designers!

      The September Quilt Dash, “Lollipop Dreams” begins on Monday, September 16, 2013.  Please accept this as an open invitation to join us!  We have over 8000 registered members who have loads of fun, Dashing through the quilt shops for the ‘found’ images.  They receive a free pattern upon completion – and many of them have emailed me that once they finish the Quilt Dash, they go back and window shop in the stores that participate.  What a great way to add new customers to your current customer base!

      If you have an online shop, you are eligible to participate – and it’s SUPER EASY to participate.

      First, click the image below:

      Create an account at Quilt Dash, click on the “Join the QuiltDash” text link next to the “Lollipop Dreams” September Quilt Dash and then follow the directions.  Fifteen minutes, tops!

      Who doesn’t want more customers to their online shops???


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        Stash Buster Project Organization

        I will be the first to admit that I break training when it comes to keeping my fabric stash organized.  I have a high cutting table (built especially for my height so as not to strain my back) and I am forever piling projects or papers on it – instead of using it for its intended purpose.  Part of my reasoning is that half of the table is out of my reach because my sewing room is the smallest room in the house.  The other part of my reasoning is that I am quite forgetful (thank you MS) and by having my projects right in front of me, I can remember what I need to work on next, after I finish a project.

        During the summer, our middle daughter and I had to make a run to a dollar store for some items to get the kids ready for summer camps and I found baskets that I thought would fit perfectly on my sewing room shelves.  Once the baskets were in my sewing room, middle daughter wanted to help me with my organization of fabrics – I also think she was searching for fabric that she may want to use for a project 🙂


        The dollar store that we went to wasn’t actually a “Dollar Store” as the products were anywhere from a dollar and up.  We purchased six medium sized baskets and two smaller baskets – they were $2 each.  Later, on another of my dollar store trips, I *did* find the same size baskets for $1 and snatched up six more of them as my DD had to overfill some baskets because I had more stash on that one shelf than I imagined (blush).

        As my fellow quilters know, there are just some quilts and quilted projects (table runners, table toppers, etc.) that are just meant to be made from scraps.  The stash speaks to us, just as a pile of new fabric speaks to us.  Okay, I am going out on a limb with saying that – MY fabric speaks to ME – you don’t have to admit that yours does, too 😀

        Here is the fabric I picked out of my stash for a fun quilt project:


        Now comes my long overdue revelation – those one dollar baskets?  They are PERFECT for holding the fabric for the next quilt or quilt project on my to-do list.  And I can organize them by placing one inside the other with the most pressing projects in the top basket!

        It’s a shame I am so slow in understanding how important it is to organize my fabric stash – but, it’s downright embarrassing to say that may of you may already be organizing your projects with some type of basket.  I have done well in keeping my stash organized throughout the summer.  Although, I have to admit that once I cleaned off my cutting table, I had to start piling finished projects or works in progress projects there – there just isn’t room for a larger basket and my shelves are all full to brimming over!

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          The Baker is in the House!

          My husband is quite the baker – especially of bread!  He truly enjoys making us luscious treats to enjoy.  Here is his latest culinary conquest:


          They look as good as they tasted – can you just imagine the SMELL that these lovely rolls make while baking?  He has a knack for baking breads and we definitely love nearly all of his baking efforts.  YUMMO!

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