Wrapped in His Quilted Love

Although I normally do not post photos of other people’s quilts, I make an exception for this quilt.  Yesterday was the ‘graduation’ service at our home church.  Our oldest is a graduating senior and wanted to be sure we participated in the service so she could be blessed and recognized by our wonderful church family – the church we’ve been members of for the seven years we’ve been back in Texas.

Our Pastor has a special blessing for the graduates and their parents, incorporating a beautiful quilt that our quilting church ladies made for each graduate.  After the blessing, he re-baptizes the graduating senior with a sign of the cross on their foreheads, just as a reminder that they continue to be a child in God’s family.  As it came to DD#1 to be re-baptized, she made a joke to our Pastor and he mentioned (his mic was still on) that he should probably pour then entire bowl of water from the baptismal over her head.  🙂  He has taken her on two mission trips and their experiences have been wonderful – great way for the Pastor to connect with the youth and a great way to see that Pastor is a man and not just a Pastor.  Obviously, she was a handful for him.  🙂

Here she is, wrapped up in her quilt, and then a photo taken later with the whole quilt in the image.  From one parent of a graduation quilt recipient, many thanks and love from my quilted heart to yours!

IMG_9831 (450x438)

IMG_9833 (450x390)


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    Prayers for Mike Gass

    Karen Gass and I were business partners on a couple of ventures a few years ago.  Karen’s plate became full and she needed to let some things go and focus on the things she really cared about – so, we parted ways.  But, we did remain in email contact, especially as prayer partners for each others’ family.  In the summer of 2008, I believe, I needed to make a run from Texas to Missouri for my nephew’s high school graduation.  I chose to take our oldest daughter with us, and needed a nice spot to lay our heads on our adventure.  Karen and I had already been working together so it just seemed right for me to ask her to put us up for a night on our way north, because we were making a side-trip to a dear friend’s house in Branson and Karen lived in Joplin.  Well, we didn’t make it to Karen’s on our trip north because it was very late and she wasn’t answering her telephone that late at night!  On our return trip, though, we WERE able to make it, and Karen and her husband Mike were very gracious hosts to my daughter and I.

    This week on Facebook, I found out that Mike has been diagnosed with an inoperable liver tumor.  So very sad for all of their families, but especially for Karen as she truly found her life’s partner in Mike.

    I didn’t take any photographs of Karen or of Karen’s family, but I did take a couple of photos of her beautiful flowers that had such lovely blooms and amazing scents:



    Mike had made us a fabulous dinner and we sat around the living room eating and visiting about our families, our work together and our lives.  But prayer always came first, to both of us.  We prayed for the good, the bad and the ugly in our worlds – we always prayed.

    At this time, Karen and Mike are in desperate need of all the prayers they can get.  HE can heal Mike, if that is the path He has set out in His almighty universe.  HE can heal Karen’s heart.  HE can heal a family that is built on love and respect.  HE is worth of the praise for this (and SO MUCH MORE) small part of a life but a big part of the family and friends of Mike Gass.

    Praying is enough….but, there’s more that can be done.  Mike’s boss set up a fundraising page for the expenses for Mike and Karen as they travel in this unknown territory of their future.  If you are able to send them any amount of money, please do so.  Lift them on high through prayer and lift them more through your donations.

    Thank you, from this quilted heart.

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      May Quilt Dash

      Need a little online quilt fun in your life?  Join us now for the May Quilt Dash!  If you complete the Quilt Dash, you could be the winner of a great prize.  But, best of all, you receive a FREE quilt pattern for completing the Quilt Dash!

      And this is an image of the FREE quilt pattern that you will receive for completing the Quilt Dash:


      Membership is also FREE, so please join us today!

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        Keeping a Quilt Project Organized

        I had to whip up a tote bag Saturday morning for one of my daughter’s friends who was getting married and having a baby shower, all in the same day.  DD#1 decided she would give the newly married couple a card with a sweet message and give the tote as a shower gift.

        I explained that she needed to lay out the charm squares in the order that she wanted them sewn together on my portable cutting mat.  Once she did that, and her chicken-artistic-eye was satisfied with the layout, I photographed the squares as she had placed them:


        Shazam!  Just like that, I realized I could have sewn a LOT more of my quilts and quilted projects without having to rip out the seams because I’d sewn a block in the wrong direction!  This is probably not the first time many have heard and/or used this photography organized method – but it was a first for me!  I actually sewed the tote MUCH quicker than others I’ve made just because I had this photo layout to use as a reference guide!


        You can be sure I’ll utilize this “memory maker” idea for most of my quilt projects from here on out!

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