Quilt Designing in Bulk

I decided a few months ago that I wanted to design a series of baby quilts – all for beginners but half of them would contain nothing but straight lines and the other half would have some simple half-square triangles or quarter-square triangles.  I started out with two I had already designed:

Originally, I wanted to design and make five different quilts for each group…but, as I got into it, I realized I couldn’t stop with five and changed it to a six-pack of beginner-friendly baby quilts.

IMG_9744 (450x299)

IMG_9745 (450x285)

Counting the two above, I have completed eight baby quilt tops towards my goal of a dozen, or two six-packs.  I’ve already designed all 12 baby quilt tops, just have to find the time to make them!

If you are a quilt designer, do you design in bulk?  Or one at a time?

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    Chocolate Cake and Roses Quilt Finished!

    I am not one of those quilt designers who designs a pattern and just gives you an image of the quilt from my EQ7 to look at.  If at all possible, I will always make the quilt – especially for making sure the pattern is written correctly.  Not to mention that I design quilts that I truly LIKE and want to share them with not just my BOMquilts.com audience, but I also get to share the physical quilt with someone special.  Nine times out of 10, I know exactly who the quilt will be gifted to when I’ve finished designing it – and the 10th time, I know who the quilt will be gifted to by the time I’ve finished the quilt.  No quilt goes without a loving home!

    Enter my “Chocolate Cake and Roses” six-month BOM quilt from BOMquilts.com.  I didn’t know who to give it to, didn’t have a plan when I started making it or even halfway through the construction of the quilt top – although there were a number of folks who wanted me to pick them for the quilt!  As far as I was concerned, it would be lovingly saved until the perfect recipient could be determined…because there was definitely someone special that I needed to gift the quilt to, but I did not know who that was quite yet.


    This luscious quilt was finished a couple of weeks ago, and with the last stitch that was placed, the gift recipient immediately was determined.  I am not going to reveal who will get the quilt, so suffice it to say it is someone who is deserving of it, who will love it for many years and who will enjoy being wrapped up in each loving quilted stitch.

    Do you make quilts for yourself?  For someone who needs them?  For someone who wants them?  Or for your own trunk shows?  Inquiring quilting minds want to know!

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      Let’s Return to our Regularly Scheduled Quilt Topics – Quilt Dash!

      Just in case you did not read my blog post about the current Quilt Dash, let me entice you a bit more!


      Click on the image above to take you to the Quilt Dash homepage, then choose MEMBERS and either “Join the Dash” or create a new account.

      IF you complete the Quilt Dash, you will receive the “Spring Blooms” pattern for this beautiful quilt, designed by my business partner, Phyllis Dobbs:


      Well?  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to Quilt Dash and DASH with us!

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        This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine

        Once again, I interrupt my normally scheduled blogs about quilts and quilting to talk about a few issues that are of interest to my immediate family, our community and (hopefully) those of you who have high school-aged child.

        First, our hearts and prayers are filled with compassion for those people affected by the bombs in Boston.  Unthinkable acts are just that – unthinkable.  Sometimes, unless you’ve been in that situation, you cannot fathom the carnage, the pain and the losses of those who were directly affected by such an act of cowardice.  And yes, bombs are a coward’s way to kill people.  And, let’s face it.  Ten years after we memorialized those who lost their lives in the Twin Towers, our country has already relaxed many of the rules that were brought about by those buildings coming down – mostly because of complaints by the citizens that those rules were an inconvenience!

        In our little community, we have had a couple of bomb threats at the school in the last four days.  One last Friday and another yesterday (Monday) morning.  The one on Friday was written on a bathroom wall and was taken very seriously – the one yesterday was much more juvenile and definitely a copycat; and when the child was found who wrote the threat, they said they just wanted a day off of school.  In both instances, the entire school was evacuated and the students taken care of as best as they could be by the administration and teachers.  Doesn’t mean their master disaster plan was flawless as there is definitely room for improvement – but, it was a good move in the right direction.

        I am giving away my age, but I remember when we were in elementary school and we had to have drills in the areas of bombs, fires and tornadoes, in the midwest.  Remember those, anyone?  I know my kids have had fire drills but the other drills have gone by the wayside.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s time to re-institute those drills because when and if the actual events occur – our children will be much better prepared and perhaps not as upset and anxious.  It’s also a time for our kids to come together – solidarity in numbers.  I have no doubt the culprits would be found that much quicker if you plant a teenage girl to roam around the cliques to get information!  Oh yeah, I may have solved the problem right there with that sentence!  Those teenage girls LIVE for drama!!!

        Right now, despite both of these awful instances of cowardice and the loss of life – there is still a light that is shining on our oldest daughter.  She received a letter yesterday, saying she was awarded a $1000 scholarship from the National MS Society!  I remember the heartbreak I felt when I edited the essay she had to submit with her scholarship application – it was about how MS had affected her life.  None of the content was new to me as we had talked many times about my MS and the challenges we (as a family) faced now and in the years to come – but, it was heartbreaking to see all of those words that screamed from the computer of her emotional pain brought about by my physical pain.  And as the firstborn, she shoulders a lot of the family’s pain and strife on her heavy shoulders – whether it’s warrented or not, whether we ask her to or not.  My pain is her pain and there’s not a darned thing I can do about it!

        With so many charities and family’s in need these days, I respectfully ask that you remember the National MS Society in your prayers and in your financial gifts.  Not just for their research to try to combat this disease, but for the kids whose lives are affected by MS every single day, for themselves or a parent or a relative.  My kids deserve a better path than mine – and I am so very thankful the National MS Society is helping to lay those seeds of faith in our daughter’s continued education.

        My pain has helped her get a foot in the door to my daughter’s gain – which means this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

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          Join Us for the April Quilt Dash!

          If you have never participated as a member in a Quilt Dash game, I invite you to join us and see what all of the fun is about!  If you are already a member but have not played in a while, please choose to come back and play this month.  If you are a member who regularly plays, we thank you!


          This month’s Quilt Dash is called “Spring Blooms” and each and every person who completes a Quilt Dash game receives a FREE quilt pattern.  And let me tell you, this month’s pattern is absolutely beautiful – especially if you live in one of the northern or eastern states where you had a taste of spring and then it snowed yet again.

          Additionally, if you finish the Quilt Dash, you’re eligible for an eGift certificate from one of the shops who are participating in the Quilt Dash!  That could potentially mean you could be a winner TWICE!

          Please join us at the Quilt Dash!

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