Houston Quilt Market 2011: Ellen Medlock

I had the lovely pleasure of finally meeting Ellen Medlock at the Houston Quilt Market this weekend, although I totally confused her because my name is different than my Facebook name.  ROFL

I hope to get the chance to make a quilt with Ellen’s new fabric line, “Natural Graffiti” in the near future.

Enjoy the colorful, fun and BUTTERFUL quilt booth!

If you would like more information on Ellen’s fabric lines, please visit http://ellenmedlockstudio.com/!

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    Time to Be a Kid Again!

    Right next to my office shed is the children’s play area at their grandma’s house.  There is an old swing set that has had the seats replaced many, many times just since I came into the family nearly 20 years ago:

    And there’s also this wonderful sand pile, which lies under a homemade tire swing chained to a beautiful oak tree that is definitely made for climbing:

    But, alas, my kids are almost too old to play here.  Oh, sometimes our youngest two will jump on the swings (notice the height difference in them – which accounts for our tall son and our shorter daughter), but usually only when I am in my office and they are needing my attention.

    I come to my office daily, multiple times a day.  I see those lonely toys that our kids have spent countless hours playing on in the past – and I feel bad for them!  I walked over there today, and enjoyed pushing the swings, touching the tree and looking at the tracks in the sand made by the last yellow construction toy drove through.  The memories, the giggles, the cities that were made and destroyed and the siblings and cousins who enjoyed their play and budding friendships.  All of these things from a few inanimate objects in our yard.

    All of these things started with love – just as a quilt does.  I think I’d like to be that kind of kid again, if just for a little while.  And I’d like to still see my kids being those precious kids again, for as long as they want to.

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