Crooked Brook Embroidery

What does a fabric-fanatic do when presented with some absolutely adorable and stunning embroidered blocks? 

Wait, don’t answer that.

Let me just say that in the weeks to come, we both have a treat waiting for us!

Crooded Brook® sent me more than a dozen artfully and beautifully embroidered blocks – TO DO WHATEVER I WANTED WITH THEM!!!

Do you realize what this means, fellow quilters? 

Heaven on earth. 

I layed all of the blocks out, I stroked the fabric, the kids and I made up stories to go with some of them, I photographed the blocks, and then I did what all quilters (that I know) do – my creative juices started flowing!

I am going to take the time today to show the blocks to you.  Get ready because tomorrow I will begin the first of three Crooked Brook® embroidery block giveaways for your very own custom-embroidered set of blocks.

<insert giddy laughter here>

Red Riding Hood Series

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Series

Farm Animal Series

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    First Day of Summer Break Fun

    While I sat in my office shed working the morning away, the hubster made lists of chores for the kids to accomplish on their first official day of summer break – but, they weren’t just any list.  He made them “bargains” – as in, vacuum the kitchen so you can bake bread.  How ingenious to barter with the kidlets!

    Our youngest did her work like Speedy Gonzalez because she got to Easy Bake:

    The oldest did her vacuuming so she could make these delishious PARTYBROT rolls.  The first photo is of the cookbook where she found the recipe and the second is a photo of her beautiful culinary masterpiece:

    I’m not real sure what the son-man accomplished, except I know he got his gear and clothing all set out for his upcoming Boy Scout week of camp.  Then, he got to open some belated birthday gifts from his aunt and grandma:

    And finally, the middle daughter did twice as many chores (she’s SURE of that) than the others (right, she had to do her chores PLUS unload the dishwasher – gah) so she got to have an hour on the computer and then watch a baby chick hatch!  The chick was named Juevo Tater – hubby couldn’t decide whether to name it Juan Tater or Huevo Tater so he just combined the two for its own unique spelling:

    Obviously, hubby was too busy keeping the kids in line to get anything on HIS list done…..but, there’s always another day!

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      Teacher Gifts from the Heart

      I always get a laugh when I tell folks that the school has five buildings on its campus and I had four kids in four of those buildings.  This next year, we’ll be down to four kids in three buildings.  But, I’m so very appreciative of the work the teachers do that we try very hard to find gifts that show our appreciation for them, as well as a little insight into our life.

      This year, I made quilted potholders with Texas Hill Country fabric for the “child nutritionists” (aka lunch ladies) and DD#1 added a recipe:

      Recipe for Hot Lunch Happiness

      1 Smiling lunch lady
      1 MUFFIN
      1 Hotpad holder
      1 group of hungry kids

      The gifts were really cute, but this mom totally forgot to take photos of them!

      For the rest of the teachers that the kids wanted to give a gift to, we were given prayer shawls by the lovely ladies at our church – 18 prayer shawls in all!

      We certainly weren’t trying to push off our religion or church onto the teachers, but to give them a gift that had meaning to us and hopefully, to them.  Based on the number of “yahoos”, hugs, smiles and thanks the kids received from their teachers – I’d say it was a success!

      If you are interested in making your own prayer shawls (or if not for prayer, could simply be foot warmers), check out these resources:

      And we thank the generous ladies at our family church for their generosity and their loving hands that prepared these items.

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        School’s Out for Summer!

        The kids have a half day of school today, and then we have the official countdown as to how long it will take them to say the “B” word (B O R E D).  🙂

        We all have a restful week of unplanned activities outside of Scouts for the son-man and hubster, and then our oldest takes off for her mission trip with our church youth to Chicago and the hubster and son-man head to Boy Scout camp.  What are the two little girls and I going to do??!!  I just heard from my MIL and nephew that he will be back that week, so that means I will have someone for the girls to play with so I can work!  Yippee!!!

        DD#2 received another award yesterday from her band teacher – most improved player for the year!  I have to agree with him, since she went from 6th grade band to high school band with nothing in-between!  Very proud of her accomplishments!

        As we end this school year – we have sadness and losses, too.  The principal has accepted a position elsewhere, and although he deserves to move so he can be with his wife, he’s been a relatively good principal (after I had to get on him the first year).  Our school superintendent also requested resignations from the art teacher and the band teacher – which means our middle schooler will have no fine art options and our high schooler is left with just one fine art option.  Very, very upsetting – since both girls have God-gifted fine art talents that they will no longer be able to enhance at school.

        We have a full summer planned, though, so there won’t be as many opportunities for the kids to whine and cry about having nothing to do – and if they do, we’ll start unloading the crap stuff in their bedrooms and make them do a little spring-into-summer cleaning!

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          Krazy Krakow Made by a Reader

          Pam emailed me the other day, wanting more in-depth details on how to make the Krazy Krakow sew n’slash quilt block I designed last year.

          I love it when quilters email for help – it means they really want to understand how to make a pattern and they are determined to get it right!  Plus, it opens up a great line of communication so I can ask them if I can share their work with you. 🙂

          Here is my Krazy Krakow quilt block:

          And here is Pam’s, that I’d say she put together perfectly!

          Can’t wait to see what her finished quilt will look like! 

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