“Lovely” Table Topper #1

National Quilting Day was Saturday, March 19th – and I wasted no time in taking advantage of it!  I promised my friend Becky of www.SpiritGoat.com some “spring” table toppers for her to use in displaying her lovely soaps and goat’s milk products.

I chose to use Sandy Gervais’ “Lovely” fabric line that I received at quilt market in Houston from Moda (the eighth quarter pack):

As I began designing the table toppers, I decided that I wanted to do three projects that took a beginning quilter from something very simple with strips to putting half-square triangles together.

Here is the first 24″ square table topper I made, using a Rail Fence pattern:

Watch www.BOMquilts.com in the next few weeks for this super-simple beginner’s pattern!

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    Happy Birthday, Phydeaux!

    On St. Patrick’s Day, we not only celebrate my maternal grandfather’s heritage, we also have a little doggie party for a not-so-little yellow lab!  Phydeaux was born on March 17, 2003.  She used to steal DD#3’s binky (pacifier) when both were babies.  We went away for a vacation when she was less than a year old and left her with a colleague of my husband’s, only to come home and find that he had potty-trained her while we were away!  She has traveled far and wide with us, and been a constant source of unconditional love to our son (who we bought the dog for) and my husband (who is her master).  I just love labs … well, all except their tails when they are excited!

    So, Happy Birthday Phydeaux!

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      Yes, I’m another quilter who craves chocolate.

      Say it’s not true!

      The other day, I was looking at my personal Facebook page, and right there – to the right of the page, was an advertisement for none other than CHOCOLATE.

      I should mention that I do not eat food (much) in my office.  I have an out-building, a shed.  It is not attached to our house and is separate (less interruptions?!).  Therefore, any varmints who can get in through the cracks or up through the floorboard will and do.  I do not want bugs in my workplace.

      So, what was a gal to do without chocolate when the craving hits???

      I made the excuse of going home for a potty break, and then raided my sewing room (ah yes, have to hide the treats from the kids in there!) for ANY chocolate I could find.

      And find it I did!


      Ahhhhhhhhh.   Mmmmmmmmmm.

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        Another Confirmation, Another Special Day

        March 6, 2011 was a double dose of special for our family.  First, it was the anniversary of my older brother Mike’s birthday.  I have no clue why, but he was born on March 7th….but, our family always celebrated his birthday on March 6th.  Hence, I will also call that his birthday, as it was on earth and now as in heaven.

        The second special event that occurred was our middle daughter (second of four children) was confirmed in our church.  This is a big deal for Lutheran’s, who believe in infant baptism but we also believe that a child has the right and understanding to affirm their faith through two years of confirmation classes.  It’s not just a committment on the child’s end, it’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

        Here are some photos of DD#2’s special day:


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