Afghan Memories

My Aunt Ellen is my mom’s sister.  I can’t even remember if she is older or youger than my mom was, but I’m thinking younger because her only son was only 2 years old when I was in the fifth grade.

When she got married to her second husband, I was able to attend the wedding.  Another Aunt and the youngest sibling to Aunt Ellen and my mom was an attendant, so I was in charge of taking care of my first cousin, who was a baby at the time.  I was very happy to be a part of her celebration of marriage.

For some reason, she was on my mind on Sunday night, and I photographed the afghan she gave me that weekend of her wedding.  She didn’t make it, but had a couple of them made for my older sister and myself.  Come to find out, it was a God moment – because it was Aunt Ellen’s birthday, too!

I still have that beautiful afghan and use it on my bed most nights.  And I remember the love that was put into making the afghan and the love for which it was gifted to me.

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    Nothing Beats Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

    We had a number of blemished tomatoes in our garden for the second growing season, from a bit too much rain.  I taught my husband how to clean them, blanche them and then purify them in the blender.

    The next part of the job was mine – homemade spaghetti sauce to be canned!

    I engaged my son to help me on Saturday.  He needed something to do and I needed to keep his brain entertained.

    The best part (besides individual attention from the Mom)?  The popping of the lids as they sealed!  He had a BLAST waiting, counting and watching the lids seal.

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      2011 Block of the Month from

      I have already started planning next year’s block of the month quilt, and it is a BEAUTY!  The fabrics are luscious:

      “Pure” designed by Sweetwater for Moda

      And the first block has been made:

      I am anxious to continue creating original blocks to be able to put this quilt together!  I hope you’ll join me at in February 2011 when we start this beautiful quilt!

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        Press One for Suicide

        How do you bring up the subject of suicide?  How can you tell that someone may be thinking of suicide?  Do you know someone who has committed suicide?  Do you know the survivors of someone who committed suicide? 

        I am a suicide victim.  My mother took her own life.  Not only that, she had 2 siblings who took their own lives, and my younger brother has tried to do so on too many occasions to count.

        I know that those who are in the depths of depression do not see beyond their pain.  I realize they cannot predict what is going to happen to those who love them once they are gone.

        Living is hard.  Loving is hard.  But, I pray that those who may be thinking about suicide can stop for just a minute and think about love.  About joy.  God will hold your hand and walk with you, when you cannot walk alone.  He will lead you to people who can help you through your depression, so you can once again see the light.  Trust in Him with all of your heart, mind, body and soul.

        And if you want to find out what life is like for a suicide victim, just ask me.  Funeral flowers are the worst to deal with, for the rest of your life.

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          Crazy Days Never End

          Have you ever noticed that if you have one thing on your schedule, dozens of other things crop up for the same day, sometimes even the same times?  Makes for some crazy days.  Just as an example, let me point out how crazy our days are and what our kids are involved in:

          • DD#1 volunteers at school Tuesdays & Thursdays to help a teacher grade papers and watch her kids
          • DD#1 is on the Homecoming committee, so she meets with the homecoming chair Thursday evenings to help scrapbook the alumni information
          • DD#2 in JV Volleyball – practice every other week and games every week.
          • DD#2 in band, has to attend every football game to play, home or away
          • DD#2 in confirmation class on Wednesday afternoons in a town 45 miles away
          • DS in Scouts on Tuesday evenings
          • DS & DD#3 in Sacred Arts church class Wednesday afternoons in a town 45 miles away
          • DD#3 in Girl Scouts Thursday evenings
          • DD#3 in cheerleading, has to be at all home games, plus practice on Tuesday afternoons
          • Sundays is church and Sunday school for the whole family, in a town 45 miles away

          Somewhere in there, we try to at least have the kids together for dinner each night and say bedtime prayers together regardless of how many are in the house at bedtime.

          Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all we do, but we somehow get it all done!

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