I’m a Guinea Grandma!

We’ve had a guinea sitting on 6 eggs – and we didn’t know when she layed them, so we had no clue when they were going to hatch (gestation usually 26-28 days).  Wouldn’t you know, just as I was ready to nap yesterday afternoon, all three of our adult guineas were raising such a ruckus that DH couldn’t even talk on the phone – so, I went out to check it out.  There was the mama, with baby keets running around her feet. 

Now, we’ve already lost 6 adult guineas to some varmints – DH suspects feral cats, but it could be any number of things because they’re free range.  And the mama was under an agareta bush and not otherwise protected, so we had to move her and the keets to a special area of the coop that DH and DD#1 set up last week. 

Have you ever tried to get a guinea mama?  DH’s arms are all scratched up from the bush as those babies were near-impossible to see on the ground.  We finally got the mama away, after being attacked a half-dozen times, and picked up 4 keets and took them to the little swimming pool we had set up.  Then, we realized one hadn’t hatched yet, so DH got that egg over to the pool.  The pool has bedding in it, but it has sides that are high enough that the baby chicks or keets can’t jump out for a few weeks – great place to keep them contained.  So, there was 1 left, but DH had to get a fax from his mom’s and then go get the girls. 

DS and I finally got the mama into the pool without being attacked anymore, before DH left.  But, we could NOT find that last baby (see the pix above to see how hard they are to see in the grass) – and we were so scared to step on it that I told DS we needed to wait for DH & the girls to come home to see if we could let the mama out and see if she could get the other one. 

Of course, this being the first day of school for the girls, we had to hear all about their day and didn’t get a chance to get back out to the guineas until my men left for scouts.  When we went to the coop, we found that the lost baby had made it over to the pen and had crawled under the chicken wire and was sitting outside of the pool. 

SO, my next adventure was to get that baby into the pool where the others were, as well as feed and water.  OY.  I have a small prick on my finger where the mama attacked me.  I finally had one of the kids go get one of DH’s garden buckets and put it on top of the mama and picked that baby up and put it in the pool.  Mama calmed down and we left.  Whew. 

We still have to see if that last keet will finish hatching – will open it later this morning.  I know she originally had 14 eggs and threw a number of them out of her nest, but the girls saw the keet moving inside the egg tonight, so we’ll pray that it lives and finally hatches before morning.

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    Happy Birthday To Me!

    I usually don’t toot my birthday horn, but figured since I’m working and no one else is around, I’d have to sing birthday wishes to myself.  My husband and kids took me out for a delish lunch after church yesterday and then my MIL will have a birthday dinner for us tomorrow night.  We just have too much to do today, to deal with it (and I’m totally ok with that).  DH sent the 3 girls off this morning on the bus to their first day of school for the new school year, and is desparately trying to get our son-mans immunization records so he can go to school, too.  Our emergency does not constitute and emergency on anyone else’s part, even when it may have an effect on a child’s heart.  They’ll get the info to us if or when they have time.   Sad, but true!

    So, today, I’ll celebrate in silence as I work.  And I’m ok with that, too.  Gives me time to reflect on who is missing in my life, who I wish – beyond anything else – that they could share this birthday celebration with me …. Mom, Dad, Mike, Gramma from Tramma.  And those who are still around, but who will forget or not take the time to say anything to me – Tom, Jeff, Cody, Kayla and a host of others who shall remain nameless.

    I’m 46 today.  I’ve lived longer than both of my parents did and my older brother.  I celebrate every milestone, and I’ll take this one with my boots on.

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      Another Quilt from my Quilt Therapy Angel in Need

      The lovely quilter who I sent fabric to as her Quilt Therapy Angel has made another quilt from some of the fabrics I sent to her!

      Remember, if you are a quilter in need, we have a group of Quilt Therapy Angels at-the-ready to send you some fabric, patterns or notions to help out!  Just send me an email at quiltalicious@gmail.com and I’ll connect you with someone who is willing and able to share their quilted hearts!

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        Deja Vu

        When I received the latest issue of Country magazine in the mail:

        I noticed an article that for some reason, reminded me of SOMETHING that I couldn’t place:

        I asked DD#1 if she recognized the place, because that stained glass ceiling sure looked familiar!  She said, “Yeah, it does look familiar.  Hey, isn’t that the place where we ate lunch….and then, just before we finished, that nice old lady came up to you and told you that you had the nicest and best mannered children she’d ever encountered in such a nice restaurant.”

        Aha, of course!  Here’s a few pix I had taken of the Geiser Grand Hotel:

        And here’s the notes about our experience:

        I had to have the Cowboy Reuben – just to compare it to the others I’ve had across the states!  I would probably rate it as #2 on my list thus far.  It still didn’t beat the one at The Ram in Boise!  JD had a grilled chicken Caesar salad and said it was good … but, it became MUCH better when the waitress brought out a small loaf of freshly made sourdough bread!  I love to watch him eat his meal slow, while enjoying every bite!

        After we were finished eating, we were sitting at the table enjoying digestion.  A lady diner, about 70 years old, came over to our table and put her hands on JD and my shoulders.  She was there to compliment us and our children!  She said many times she’s eaten in restaurants where other people’s children just make her meal miserable.  She said she truly enjoyed her meal and she truly enjoyed the fact that our children were so well behaved during their meal!  She said when she saw children who behaved so well, she always tried to go to their table and tell them – they deserved recognition and appreciation!

        We, of course, were wondering what planet she was on!  hehe

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          The Great Guinea Fowl Debate

          A local dude ranch gave us nine guineas.  They are good for the land, help to get rid of bugs & snakes and provide decent fertilizer that is helpful for the compost pile.

          Unfortunately, we also have predators in our neck o’the woods.  As far as we can tell, it’s feral cats that have been thinning our flock.  We are now down to just three guineas, and we thought all of them were male.

          Until DD#1 found a nest, and eggs scattered everywhere.  She picked up the eggs that had been kicked out of the next and then counted 14 eggs within a nest.  We figure the eggs were from one of the other birds who was killed and the sitting guinea didn’t want them in her clutch in this very thorny agareta bush:

          Guess one of the guy guineas is actually a girl guinea:

          The gestation for guinea eggs is less than 30 days, and we had no clue how long ago she’d laid the eggs….so, we had a lot of work to do, to get ready for babies – and to try to save them from further harm.  Hubby and the kids enlarged our chicken coop and then lined half of it with chicken wire, to help contain the keets when they make their appearance.  DD#1 noticed today that the mother guinea had been pulling out her fluffy down and lining the clutch with them.  Seems that is a sign that the keets should hatch soon enough.  The kids are excited to see the babies, and I’m just wondering how many more “kids” we can keep up with!

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