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I hope and pray that our children will always know they are loved.  We say it to them many times a day, and we show them our love in so many different ways.  And I always am astonished that I’m able to do that – given the lack of love that I felt as I was growing up, from my own family.

Someone recently asked me where our kids got their personalities from, especially since all four are different.  My response?  From the fact that we encouraged them, their entire lives, to be themselves and to know that they are loved (by us and many others) unconditionally.  No matter what they do, they will be loved.  That gives them room to grow into the person they want to be.  It gives them the opportunity to shine their own lights, instead of living in our shadows.  And I think it also gives them a tether, of love, so they CAN be themselves.

I certainly can’t say that I am a good parent – because I am flawed in many ways.  I have expectations, mostly pertaining to manners and respect of others … but, in my quest to help the next generation be better than the last, I pray daily that my kids will shine in their own lights.  I pray they take their smarts and their dreams and use one to find the other. 

And with love, I know they can make it – no matter what path they choose!  Even if some of their individuality is in the “goofy” range.

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    BOMquilts.com’s Christmas in July 2010 Project for Week 3

    This week’s BOMquilts.com Christmas in July project comes in a two-part kit, because of the fabric panel involved.  This week is part 1 and next week, we’ll use the remainder of the kit for part 2.

    Christmas in July 2010 – I Believe in a Card Holder


    And, just a little advice for next week’s project … go out in the woods (or your back yard, if you live in the sticks like we do) and find a branch that has 3 branches on the end, like my daughter and her puppy did:

    (yes, I’m sure you can tell, she’s a drama queen who thinks her dog and herself are more important for the photo than the stick that you can hardly see)


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      July 3, 1949

      One of my third cousins put this photograph up on Facebook today:

      Obviously, this was taken well before I was born, but I do recognize my dad (in the center, standing with his arms crossed and looking down at the others)….and a few of my aunts & uncles.

      I just love old photos like this.  It gives me a chance to see what life was like for my dad and my Grandma – who raised her brood of 11 kids and 1 granddaughter without a husband as my Grandpa died in a house fire when my dad was 7.  One of Grandma’s daughters had kids before Grandma was done having kids, so that’s why there are so many kids in this picture.  But, I’m pretty sure they’re all related to me!

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        A Camping They Will Go

        DD#2 and DD#3 were dumped on their heads at Camp Chrysalis yesterday – my baby is gone!  This is the second camp adventure for DD#2, but the first for DD#1.  The rule was always that they had to be 10 years-old before they could go off to camp … but, that youngest child of ours has three older siblings who have all been away at camp at some point, and she was just READY to go!  And admittedly, there are some hours of some days that WE were ready to send her off!  😉

        DD#2 is doing the River Rider’s camp, where she’ll swim, canoe and even take a canoe trip and camp overnight under the stars.  She was very excited to go!

        DD#1 is in the Extreme Adventures camp, and since she’s our most athletic, she’ll surely have an awesome time climbing up to the cross on the bluff and playing games. 

        And I, for one, get very excited when they get home, because their faith is SO evident in everything they’ve done and (for a while) in what they do at home.

        But, will I make it through the week without them?  I’m already missing them, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours!  It’s really HARD to leave your babies with someone else to care for!

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          BOMquilts.com’s Christmas in July 2010 Project for Week 2

          I have this quilt all cut out, just haven’t had a free moment to piece it together!  Hopefully my family will allow me to do that this weekend.

          But, the pattern is quick and easy and I hope you buy the kit from AbbiMays.com because the fabric “Tis the Season” from Clothworks brings such fond memories for me!


          Click Here for More Details!

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