Quilt Therapy Angel Recipient Makes a Quilt!

The first quilt therapy angel recipient was someone I chose to send fabric to.  Unfortunately, I am AWFUL with getting things to the mailbox, so she had to wait a month two months or so from the time she said she’d love some fabric until I sent it her direction.  But, the tears of quilted joy were ever-present when she opened her package and layed out all of the fabric I sent to her.  Her eye first caught on the rocket fabric that I sent, so that is the first fabric she used for a quilt, which she graciouly donated to her local pregnancy center:

Remember, if you are a quilter in need, we have a group of Quilt Therapy Angels at-the-ready to send you some fabric, patterns or notions to help out!  Just send me an email at quiltalicious@gmail.com and I’ll connect you with someone who is willing and able to share their quilted hearts!

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    Get Ready for BOMquilts.com’s “Christmas in July 2010”!

    On Thursday, I will post the first pattern for our month-long “Christmas in July 2010” celebration!  ALL of the projects are easy and do-able for first-time quilters as well as experienced quilters.  Some of the projects will take an hour or two and some (like my new BOM quilt) will take longer.  Every single project can be done before Christmas, so you can have gifts or decor to brighten your home!  Here’s a sneak-peak at the first project I’ll be posting on Thursday:

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      A Camping She Will Go…

      DD#1 is the first in our brood to get to escape the daily grind at the Harrison casa for a week of summer camp.  She’s been to this camp once before, and to their sister-camp the next summer.  The energy and enthusiasm for a Christ-centered week of exercise, devotions, prayers and learning more about life is unmatched, as far as we’re concerned!  Not to mention the opportunity to be with peers, form new relationships and enjoy having a college-aged student be her boss (instead of her parents). 

      We dropped her off on Sunday and will return to pick her up on Friday:

      Our Pastor and his wife accompanied us as they’ve never been to the camp before.

      Standing outside her cabin.

      LOOK, right over there is where I’ll be sweating sleeping!

      What a Father’s Day gift – getting rid of HER!  🙂

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        Another Father’s Day for the Dad-ster

        With a weekend packed full of family obligations, we fell into bed exhausted last night.  I’m not sure the father of the house had the Father’s Day that he would have chose, but there was no way around all of the things we had to do.

        Luckily, we had the foresight to allow him to open his gifts on Saturday evening, because Sunday was overflowing!  First, he taught his Sunday school class then we went to church.  After that, we met our pastor and his wife for a picnic in a small park in town, because next on the list was dropping DD#1 off at church camp for the week!  After an hour in the heat, we were melting…and ready to head back to church for a “four hands and four feet” organ presentation that was spectacular!  Two more stops to pick up groceries and we finally made it home in time to relax while the kids watched a movie – and all of us were in the bed by 11 (usually, that is way too early for me to go to bed). 

        Here are some pix of the dad-person and our offspring:

        This was on the back of his card.

        Third year in a row for him to wear his “Who are these kids and why do they keep calling me DAD?” tshirt.  Only way I can tell the difference in years is by his (increasing) gray hair!

        His favorite gift – make your own beer kit (which our youngest children promptly announced to the entire church congregation during the children’s message on Sunday).

        DD#3 decided to give the lemon/lime squeezer a test on her nose.

        DD#1 thinks she’s well-suited to being a model for product marketing.  Can you say Drama Queen?!

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          Another Quilted Heart Takes her Talents to Heaven

          We were very upset to learn that one of the ladies in our quilt group passed away about 10 days ago.  She had some type of respiratory ailment that was never going to get better, but the doctors had predicted she’d have 3-4 years left in her.  Unfortunately, she went to Denver to receive a specialized treatment that was supposed to help her … and she never made it home.

          Maggie was a fiber arts expert and her projects have been published in a number of books.  She was a lover of all things textile, and we convinced her to start quilting – and she made her first quilt about three months ago.  We were as proud of her project as she was!

          My oldest daughter thought Maggie was the cat’s pajamas.  We had tried for months to set up a date for DD#1 to go to spend a few hours with Maggie, because Maggie had competed (and WON) a much-coveted sled dog race in Alaska – something our daughter wants to do when she grows up.

          Maggie – I know heaven has relieved your pain – but, we sure love you and miss you!

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