Easter Candy Overload

Most of my kids participated in about four Easter egg hunts this year.  FOUR kids times FOUR baskets full of eggs means CANDY OVERLOAD!

I’m guessing this candy will last us until the next candy-related holiday.  Hmmmm, would that be Halloween?  I had to get rid of last year’s Halloween candy before I could fill up the Easter candy this year.  Fun for the kids, lots of extra temptation for me!

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    Easter Lillies

    Our church happened to have some extra lillies from our Easter service, and they said anyone in the congregation could pick one up, if they wanted.  DD#2 asked for one, we said it was fine.  Since it’s still Easter season on the church calendar, we will continue to celebrate our Risen Lord.  What I love about the Easter lilly is that it usually lasts about as long as the Easter season – and then they’re ready to set aside until the bulbs can be planted.

    The purity of the lilly is striking and very symbolic.  White to represent the innocent, green to represent spiritual growth and the yellow bringing sunshine to the flower and that a flower needs sunshine to grow.  Amazing.  Touching.  Purity.

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      Scrappy Memory Quilt

      This is a beautiful quilt with a very special sentiment.  I believe I mentioned it before.  An older couple adopted a little girl, late in their lives.  When she was a baby, her grandma made all of her clothes.  Earlier in the year, I met with the mother and grandmother – they wanted a quilt designed and made for the adopted daughter.  The grandmother had saved a number of scraps of fabric from all of the clothes she made for her granddaughter – and they wanted those put into a special memory quilt.  The daughter is in college, and they wanted me to make the quilt to fit her dorm bed.  The one thing they asked was that although the fabrics were very juvenile and girlie, the young girl was not – so, they wanted to make sure I was able to make it with a bit more grown-up feel and not quite so feminine.  So, we went across the street from the restaurant we met at and picked out a couple of purple batiks that the mother thought would work nicely for her daughter.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll find out if they like it because they are coming up to town to pick it up!

      If you are interested in making this simple, Scrappy Memory Quilt, please CLICK HERE for the instructions in PDF.

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        No Way In, No Way Out – Flooding in the Texas Hill Country

        We’re stranded.  Luckily, we are high on a hill and safe from the rising and receeding waters.  But, we can’t go anywhere.  There are bridges everywhere between us and town, and none of them are safely passable.  We’re ok to be stuck at home – it’s a dream at times!  We have milk, bread, soda (for me) and coffee.  School was cancelled and the kids and hubby went down to the highway to take pix of the river, creeks and bridges — and dead fish in the road (I’ll spare you those pix), trees across the highway and the wild ways of the fast-moving waters.

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