Georgia on my Mind

My VBFF (virtual best friend forever) Pat Sloan sent me a fat quarter bundle of her new fabric line “Georgia” – and after staring and feeling and seeing the fabric in my mind – and I designed a six-month block of the month quilt to go with the fabric line.


And, there is no way you can work with this fabric without singing a number of “Georgia” songs — Georgia on my Mind, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, etc. 

I cut the fabric out last Sunday and it’s just CALLING my name, but I can’t sew it until the weekend.  But, I gotta tell you – it’s DIVINE fabric and I hope the quilt will do it justice.  Hope I retain my VBFF status, too 🙂

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    Bookmarks Baby!

    Our oldest daughter gave me one of the BEST gifts at Christmas, and she made it all by herself!


    I throw fits when the girls bend over pages of books (especially those that aren’t theirs), or when they break the spine of a book by leaving it open to save their page.  I also have a minor breakdown when I go searching for a bookmark, only to find that someone took it and didn’t put it back. 

    But not anymore!  Not only do I have these  lovely hand-made bookmarks that DD#1 made for me, I can put other bookmarks that I find in the same box, so all of us can have quick access to a bookmark!  Long live books!

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      Introducing the Quilted Kitchen!

      Does food and the colors in the kitchen make you want to run to your cutting table?  Do you enjoy great “tried-and-true” recipes?  Do you love making quilt projects? 

      If you answered YES to the above questions, then we hope you’ll LOVE our newest website –!


      We will offer a free monthly recipe, with printable recipe card … as well as a FREE quilt project pattern that is inspired by the recipe!

      For January, the recipe is for King Ranch Casserole and the free quilt project pattern is the King Ranch Table Runner!

      CLICK HERE to Visit the Quilted Kitchen NOW!

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        Happy Birthday Husband of Mine

        Normally, I would put a photograph of my dashing husband up here, celebrating and commemorating (or is that commiserating?) his special day.

        Not anymore.

        I have found that some of my photos are being used on other VERY INAPPROPRIATE websites.  NOT AGAIN!  I will no longer be putting up photos of my family, unless I password protect the post.  If you see a password protected post and know me personally, then feel free to email me for the password.   Otherwise, I will stick to my knitting (errrr, quilting) and only post photos of my quilt or craft projects on this blog.

        What a sad state of affairs.  What a total drain of my time and energies.  But, I will pray for those who have sinned against me and my family – because they need all the prayers we can send them.

        Happy birthday, honey!

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          Memory Quilt

          I met with an older lady and her mother last year at a local (yummy) restaurant as they were interested in someone making a quilt for their daughter/grandaughter.  The parents were older parents when they adopted a little girl.  The Grandmother made all of the little girl’s clothes, and had saved scraps of fabric from those clothes and they wanted them used in a quilt for the young girl.

          I was more than happy to oblige, as I thought the idea of a memory quilt, across the generations, was so special for all involved.  From Grandmother to mother to daughter.  That, my friends, is the goal of all of my quilt-making — sharing the love and memories forever.

          This weekend, I *finally* made the time to make the quilt top – and I sure hope the customers like it!


          The quilt will be sent to my quilter tomorrow and I hope it is all that the customers are looking for!

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