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My quilting VBFF (virtual best friend forever) Pat Sloan has a great blog post up today about choosing one word to describe your goals for the new year.  Immediately, my ONE WORD came to me – and I hope by remembering it, it’ll be a part of my quilt therapy for the entire year!  Here’s my word:


Wishing you the best for 2010 – and pray that we ALL SOAR to new heights – in faith, in love, in life.

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    2010 Quilt Therapy Life List

    I’m not into those bucket lists much, as I’m pretty darned happy with where I’ve been and what I’ve done in my life.  Not just happy – tickled pink that I’ve lived as long as I have (compared to my immediate family’s young demise) and to have a husband and children to love and be loved by.  Why make plans for 20 years down the road when TODAY is what’s important?!  I’ve seen almost all of the western part of the US, except Alaska, and I’ve been to DC, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina & Maryland.  Still would like to take in a few more of the eastern states, but I’m not in a hurry.

    That said, I do have some Quilt Therapy goals that need to be tended to….and I feel that perhaps if I focus on a list for my quilting, I’ll have YOU to keep me on track!  I’m going to add this list to the sidebar of this blog, and cross off items as I’ve achieved them.  That way, it’s staring me (and YOU) in the face – and I urge you to send me a little nudge if you see that I haven’t been keeping up with my goals.

    Here’s the Quilt Therapy that I’d like to accomplish for 2010:

    1. Finish piecing the 2010 Block of the Month Quilt.
    2. Send 2010 BOM quilt to quilter.
    3. Write 2010 quilt pattern, with first installment delivered on January 10.
    4. Design 1 quilt per week.
    5. Write 1 quilt pattern per week.
    6. Add quilt pattern links to every other week.
    7. Add Quilt Fabric Sales to every Monday.
    8. Add a new profile to every Monday.
    9. Add a new profile to every Monday.
    10. Develop 4 new quilt-related websites in 2010 Q1.
    11. Bring in more blogs/websites to
    12. Attract more advertisers to

    I’m sure there’s more – but, those are my immediate Quilt Therapy goals.  Hope you have some, too!  And be sure to bug me if it doesn’t look like I’m working through my list!!!

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      Sneak Peek – 2010 Block of the Month Quilt

      I spent some time over the weekend planning and designing the 2010 Block of the Month quilt, and thought you’d like to have a sneak peek at what we’re going to do!

      Santorini Stars, an Original Block of the Month Design from
      Block #1

      This quilt will use the Lili Tueller’s “Santorini” fabrics from Moda and the kit for this 2010 quilt will be exclusively sold by   The quilt will be a new play on older block designs, using raw-edge applique instead of piecing – ah yes, I’ve fallen in love with the ease and beauty of raw-edge applique!

      Hope you’re as excited as I am about this project …. now, let me get back to work so I can find time to finish making this project this week!


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        A Quilted Christmas Season

        If you participated in the Countdown to Christmas project, I’d love it if you’d send a photo of your finished project to me so I can share it with those who visit here (quiltalicious (at) gmail (dot) com)!

        Because of our Quilt Therapy Countdown to Christmas, I wasn’t able to share photos of all of the quilted Christmas gifts I made and distributed! 

        “Cougar Pride” quilt (75″ square) for my SIL’s boyfriend.  Fun big block (22″) nine-patch with pieced and raw edge applique squares.

        FABULOUS quilted Potato Bags gifted to my MIL’s family for their Christmas celebration.

        Juvenile quilt made by our quilt group for our local community library.

        Table topper for a friend in Utah.

        Table Runner for a friend in Utah.

        Another table runner for a friend in Utah.

        Chili Pepper table runner for SIL.

        Whew, had lots of quilting going on, and lots of quilt therapy happening in December!  Now, onto my 2010 Block of the Month quilt!  What did you get quilted for the holidays?

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