Do we REALLY Need Another Princess in this House?


Sasha has already been taught when to go to her bed and stay there, as was necessary on her first night at home while the kids were eating dinner … as we deplore dogs who beg while you’re trying to eat – though, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to clean up the floor after the messy human-kids have finished their meal.  She’ll learn that soon enough, I’m sure.  I know my Teeny-dog never missed a chance at a dropped morsel … and the big lug, Phydeaux, has been known to just push the entire table out of her way to get to a tasty fallen treat.

DD#1 didn’t have much luck getting her newest highness to potty outside and the minute she brought her in, she’d tt on daughter’s floor, then climb into her bed and give you this “I didn’t do nuthin'” look.  {sigh}  We put her in the crate and covered the top and door with a towel when DD#1 went to bed, and she whined a bit, so I went and got daughter’s worn tshirt to sleep with (my friend Mel says that’s the way they learn the scent of their boss, and when Mel talks, I listen) and I didn’t hear another whine out of her.  When I went home at 1:30 am, I picked her up out of the crate (she seemed dry) and took her outside, and after she jumped around me (play time?  huh?  now?  you wanna play with me?) she actually did a little-doggy squat and pottied.  Yippee!  It’ll take some time, as she’s been in a shelter most of her young life, and has not had the pleasure of grass to do her business in.  Hoping it doesn’t take too long, though, as I’m not very patient and since I’m usually working or running kids around, I don’t have a lot of spare time to wrangle a princess pup and clean up after her.

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    Is Being a Bag Lady a Genetic Flaw?

    My immediate family knows me as the bag lady.  If there’s a bag from a gift or a store that I want, I get it. 

    A couple of years ago, the girls were with me when I was shopping for fabric for a special quilt, and they demanded that if I was having fun then they wanted to have fun, too.   So, I broke down and bought them a pattern and the fabric to make some bags.   Everything has been sitting in a drawer since then. 

    Until DD#1 got a wild hair and decided she wanted to make her bag. 

    A couple of days later, she brought me this:


    I only needed to help her a touch, by using my Bernina with the walking foot to secure the lining and handles to her bag.  I’m so proud – but, still wondering if I’ve passed on this wonderful quilting passion….or the bag lady gene to her.


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