Forgive My Mess

This weekend, I authorized a new server company to migrate all of my sites and customer’s sites to a new server.  While in the long run, this should alleviate many of the hosting issues that’ve happened the last few weeks … in the short term, it’s extremely stressful as we try to get all of my customer’s sites back up and running correctly.

So, one minute – this site loads.  The next minute, it disappears!  SO frustrating!  Hopefully, it’ll only last a day and then they’ll tell me that things are all wonderful again and I can go on about my business.

Until then, forgive my mess.

If you need a little motivation to keep checking on things, take a look at the new 2008 BOM project I’ve designed for — I’ll be testing out fabrics and the pattern later today and I’m excited about the possibilities!

Strippin’ With the Stars
2008 BOM Project from
Designed by TK Harrison

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    A Family Christmas

    Last night, we celebrated Christmas with my husband’s immediate family.  I convinced everyone at Thanksgiving that I thought lasagna sounded like a great holiday meal, and they all agreed!  So, at lunch time yesterday, I was in the kitchen stirring in my pots.  I made the meat sauce from scratch, enjoying the bubbling sensation of the final product.  One little tip I found – if, like me, you don’t care for great big lumps of meat in your sauce — use your potato masher to break it up!  It worked perfectly!  The two pans full of the fabulous Italian dinner were in the oven and waiting to be baked just after the kids finished eating their lunch.

    Then, we spent the next few hours finishing the Christmas gifts and cleaning the house.  Everything truly was lovely, clean and festive.

    And then we ate.  My lasagna turned out scrumptious … I had fun making some garlic toasts from bread that JD had made earlier in the week … and I even made smokies and butter noodles for the little kids who preferred something besides what the rest of us were having!


    And then it was time to rip into all of those presents!  The kids could hardly wait.

    Fun times by niece A, who loved her new sparkly lamp we gave her.  DD#1 enjoyed a pretty shirt from her grandma.  DD#2, whose fascination with nut crackers is beyond me, carried her new wooden friend around for hours.  Son-man was a little distraught – he got no TOYS!  oops!  {make a mental note for next year}  But, he did get a great much-needed jacket and a cool Wrangler snap shirt that matches his dad’s.  DD#3 was once again Dora-overflowing with a giant color book and a new Dora chair that fits only her tiny-hiney.  Nephew received fun toys as well and had all of them out of their boxes and was playing with all of them at once!

    The adults, well we had fun, too.  I received some money and a gift card as well as a new lawn chair.  My MIL & SIL both loved the fabric bowls I made, as well as the calendars and brag books that I put together.

    After dessert of cheesecake and a lovely chocolate mousse pie, we all sat around staring at each other – wondering if we’d blow up if we moved.  The manly-man came to me and said he was ready for prayers – he was SO tired!

    I’d call that a successful day!


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      A Quilting We Will Go …

      Oh yes I did!  Although I didn’t spend as much time in my sewing room as I wanted, I did get to quilt yesterday!  I finished the mockup blocks for a quilt I’d designed a few months ago (I had been waiting for the fabric to get here for it):


      The whole time I was making this block, I was singing Corpus Christi Bay, a song sang by Gary P. Nunn – we got a cassette of his many years ago and the kids love his music, so we listen to it often.  The palm tree and the waves and sand just reminded me of Corpus Chrisit, Texas – a place we lived for a little while.  

      And then I designed a quilt for a new fabric line called “Summer Basket of Flowers” designed by Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda Fabrics.  Bold colors, solid colorways … here’s a sneak peek at a block in this quilt:


      And finally, I picked up the fat quarter pack from another new fabric line called “Swell” designed by Urban Chicks for Moda Fabrics:


      hmmmm, just what am I going to make with this one?!  It reminds me of some of those aprons that my Grandma used to wear … a 50’s retro kitchen … a summer sun porch … a shabby chic resale shop … and some fabric that my other Grandma left to me when she passed away.  I laid the fabric out on my table and will walk around it a few times over the next few days, to see what I can see and to help improve the flow of creative juices.

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        Yesterday Scrapbooking … Today Quilting

        I spent most of my spare time yesterday scrapbooking.  I had a birthday girl that needed her pages completed and I had a mess of Christmas pictures to prepare pages for.  I had a great time and enjoyed every single creative thing that I did.  I love days like that.  Today is deemed quilting day and when I finish working, I’ll head to the house and find my fabric and get busy!  I’m excited as I have a ton of fabric that needs to be made into quilts.  It’s been calling me for days but I haven’t had a chance to cut and sew.  Today is the day.

        I share with you a gift from our youngest, for which she was extremely proud of making for me.   These are my favorite gifts and the joy is spread out over the years as each year we get our Christmas decorations out and we have fun trying to remember who made it and what it was. 



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          Today is a Day to Take a Deep Breath

          I snuck out of the house before the kids got up this morning.  I needed just a little while here in my office to take a deep breath.  Last night, after the kids were down, I took some time to make a thank you mini-book for one of my friends who sent all of us gifts.  It was very fun and I’ll be making a few more today.  Sometimes, the creativity is screaming to come out and I have to listen to it. 

          I wanted to post this photo of one of the tote bags I made for Christmas.  They were so very quick and easy, I ended up making eight of them:


          I also wanted to share a project with you that I wanted to make and finally found the pattern for.  These are “old hat” projects that were popular a few years ago.  Fabric bowls.  I was looking for crafty patterns at my local big box store for my daughters for holiday gifts and ran across this one, from Simplicity.  I purchased it and came home and had a blast, making the napkin holder bowls.  Of course, as is my style, I couldn’t totally stick to the pattern {blush} and found myself making all sorts of different sized bowls.  Thus far, I’ve made 10 of them!




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