Babe Loses Head …. a Few Thanksgiving Memories and Christmas Countdown

Poor thing.  And just before Christmas, too!


You didn’t hear?

Go over to the news story HERE … then come back.

And now look at this:


Yup.  That’s our eldest daughter, posing at the bottom of the now headless Babe in Klamath, CA last year.  I can’t imagine what that gigantic thing will look like with a stuffed animal head for the holidays!

Thanksgiving Memories

I love scrapbooking but find that I’m not so motivated to do pages and pages in a day … or even in a week.  It just gets too boring for me.  I like spontaneous.  I like something different all the time.  I just can’t be tied down to tedious unless it’s absolutely necessary.  But, when you have four kids, it’s very necessary to do something to keep those memories alive.  I’ve found that by creating small book projects from whatever fun we’re having, I’m much more successful at keeping up with the colorful journaling. 

So, I snapped photos during our Thanksgiving holiday and then took them to the scrapbook table and had a blast!  I made one for my MIL, for my SIL and her kids and for our own family.  They all appreciated them and I’m grateful for the creative time amongst the chaos of the holiday.





Christmas Countdown


Thought for this Christmas Countdown day:  Don’t rush it.  It’ll come, one day at a time.  Christmas is about more than the gifts.  It’s about the love for the Christ child.  The love of our own children.  The sparkles in the eyes of all around us.  Try to take a moment to smile at those you see.  Don’t get wrapped up in the fuss of the holiday, get wrapped up in the joy instead.

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    Thanks Be To God


    I am Thankful For:

    • God’s Grace 

    • My husband

    • My children

    • My family

    • My friends

    • Quilt therapy

    • Scrapbook therapy

    • Life

    Last night, on Thanksgiving Eve, I pulled out a box of videos …. and found the movie I was searching for – Homecoming with Patricia Neal.  What a memory!  This movie was released in 1971 and was the pre-curser to The Waltons.  When it first came out, my parents were still alive.  In fact, my whole family was still alive (including three of my grandparents).  I was seven years old and we lived on a farm (three miles north of the Starlight) outside of Fort Dodge, Iowa.  I don’t know why I remember this movie, but it was always the one we watched on Thanksgiving.  It was our own family’s pre-curser to Christmas.  As kids, we knew that we could start to dream about presents after we ate turkey and saw the Homecoming.

    My hope for each of you is that you experience your own homecoming.  Whether it be a quiet Thanksgiving with your loved one(s) or a big turkey bash with friends — and I hope you remember to offer up thanks for what you have.

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      That Oh So Lovely Fabric Feeling

      I’m a real nut when it comes to fabric.  Sure, I have a great stash … though, I have worked hard at getting rid of a lot of it lately because my sewing room is so very full.  But, when I get new fabric, there’s a definite ritual that I follow – especially if I don’t have a design already figured out for it.

      img_2151-2.jpg sent me this “Shangri-La” (by 3 Sisters for Moda) charm pack and said I could do whatever I wanted with it, she just wanted to give me a chance to let those creative juices flow without being encumbered by a preconceived design.  The fabric laid on my cutting table for a week, while I thumbed through the charm pack … waiting for quilted inspiration.  Then, I opened the package up … fanning the fabrics to get a feel for them.  After a couple of days of that, I began laying the fabrics out so I could see them, in their colorful entirety.  Last weekend, I started piecing together some fun — and each step of the way, I’d sew a little here … sew a little there … match with other fabrics from my stash … and leave everything on the cutting table while I walked by it and studied it to make sure it had the feel I was going for in the finished project. 

      I’m thinking my quilt therapy is something we can market and sell – because, it’s always SO refreshing to be able to design based on sensual fabrics!

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        A Christmas Countdown Thought for the Day Starts November 25th

        Christmas is just around the corner and I’m preparing my shopping list and checking it twice!  I love the holiday season and anticipate it with joy as each season comes around.  The songs, the food, the happy faces, the excitement of the kids and the music.  I *love love love* Christmas music!  My family and I attended a holiday parade this weekend, enjoying an evening of lighted floats, singing and we even walked with the girls’ school float down main street!  The highlight of the parade was the lighting of the holiday lights on the local courthouse, and it was just lovely!  The images of my kids’ faces when Santa made his appearance was priceless and I found myself holding my breath as the sparkles in their eyes grew wide.

        And then I got to thinking.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, there must be time, each day, to reflect on the meaning of Christmas.  My Christian faith dictates one celebration.  My family traditions dictate an additional celebration.  We’ve managed to merge Jesus and Santa Clause just fine within our family — but, I still need to take time each day to just sit and enjoy the reason for the season.

        So, beginning on November 25th, I’ll offer a “Christmas Countdown Thought for the Day” here at  I’ll share a Christmas photo with you, a sweet note or two and perhaps a craft that I’ve found online, something small yet fun and definitely something that is worth sharing.

        If you have sites and/or blogs that you visit that will fit with what I’m going to do, please share them in the comments section here!

        And just for a sneak peak — here’s a photo of a little shop window that I took during the holiday parade – decked out in PINK for the Christmas season!


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          Last Minute Gift Countdown #3 from Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine

          Holidays can be exciting, stressful and fun for all involved – but, a family affair usually means someone may not feel as special because they’re not getting individualized attention!  I decided this year, I’d give thanks to each person who sat at our Thanksgiving table, with a homemade placard that had a special message for each diner on it.  It allows me to take a few minutes out of the days leading up to the harried event by spending it with one person, in my thoughts, while I create their placard.  Each placard is different, each says a special something that’s intended for the person who’s sharing our table, and each one is special!  We usually say the blessing with our holiday meal and then we each go around the table to give thanks to someone that has touched our lives — this year, I get to thank each person with their placards, because they have ALL blessed me!

          For more Last Minute Gift Countdown ideas, please visit Cotton Spice quilting magazine!

          Thanksgiving Quilted Placards from TK Harrison





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