Surprise Surprise!

Don’t you just *love* surprises?!  There’s a new sewing tool in town, and I have one!  My dear quilt shop pal, Linda at sent me a loverly surprise this week – the new Side Winder bobbin winder!

Granted – I have a Bernina machine and it has the capabilities to wind my bobbin without me unthreading my machine.  The only problem I have with it is that my machine thread sometimes gets twisted with my bobbin thread, when I’m winding a new bobbin.  But, when there’s a new toy to be had, why not enjoy it?!

Click HERE to Get Your OWN Side Winder

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    Quilting Weekend

    I had one of the most optimal Saturdays yesterday for quilting that I found myself at 10 pm with nothing to do! 

    First, we got up way too early to attend the local “Sell Main Street” activity.  I watched people sell more junk than I’d care to show the public.  I knew I’d turned a life’s corner when I realized that 10 years ago, I’d be loving all the junk.  After living in a camper for a year, where junk was prohibited, I just gasped at all of the crap that one has and sells to others.  We got 2 older VHS tapes for the kids – neither of which are working yet.  They were bummed, I’m just disappointed in myself – buying junk is just that, junk!

    JD and the manly man were selling their Boy Scout popcorn so we left them and came on home.  GM had one breakdown after another, so she ended up in her bed – screaming intermittedly for things she couldn’t have.   She’d gone to bed too late and you can bet, lunch and nap were on the horizon.

    But, I still had time to finish piecing the TT 25 Days Until Christmas quilt!


    By then, the boys were home and I whipped us up some grub….made plans for who was doing what during nap and sent everyone in the appropriate direction.  I sat outside and read for about 10 minutes and by the time I returned, GM was in the middle of our bed, fast asleep.  I’d say she was definitely needing more sleep.

    On Monday, I’m semi-teaching (said because I’m not really an expert) a class for our little quilt group on applique techniques for quilters.  I have a few applique projects that I’ve done to show off, but I wanted something a bit different – so, I found some flannel that I had and made a 3-dimensional wall hanging!


    By the time the kids were down, I decided to throw a little more creativity onto the cutting table and work on some quilted postcards.  Our quilt group is hosting the 2008 holiday something-or-other and the gal who’s in charge of the event is a bit retentive about making sure we get our projects done ahead of time.  You know, because life gets away from you and time runs on without you realizing what you missed.  A year ahead of time.  Right.  But, not being one to cause undue stress on someone if I don’t have to, I made three more postcards — bringing my total up to four.  One left to make – before next year.




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      TT Pinkie Promise

      I designed and pieced a beautiful baby quilt out of the Quilt Pink II jelly roll and charm pack fabrics from Moda.  Then, I sent it off to my long-arm quilter.  And Mary Kate SURPRISED me with her talents!   For all of the quilts I’ve sent to her, MK does a meandering stitch.  I love it, it’s safe and simple … though, there have been times when I wished for more fun with the quilting, I was happy with the work and the short time-span it took for MK to finish my projects.  But, she’s in trouble now as I’m surely going to want this LOOPY LOVE quilt pattern over and over again!

      The quilt will be announced on 10/12 to my subscribers and on the website … but, I just *had* to show off the quilting:


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