The 2007 Cotton Spice Cookbook

Many of you know that I love cookbooks …. I have an entire (small) bookcase full of them.  I love reading them, I love imagining myself eating the foods listed and I love experimenting to find recipes that my family will eat with glee.

This year, there’s a new cookbook on the horizon — and I had to get me one! 


The 2007 Cotton Spice Cookbook is not just delectable to read … the recipes were all submitted by friends of Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine!  To me, it screams QUILT LOVE when I see something like this put together!  And it’s here so you can enjoy some new cooking fun for the upcoming holidays!

Go check it out … I can assure you that my mouth was watering as I read through the recipes — it’s THAT GOOD!

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    Quilt Market 2007 Houston

    I did it.  I went to Houston for the International Quilt Market.  I love the atmosphere there.  The quilts, the fabrics, the notions — everything I saw sparked more and more inspiration.  Not just design inspiration but creative imagination.  I could have walked those booth rows a few dozen more times (well, not sure my feet could have, but my mind wanted to!) just to breathe in all of the creativity that surrounded the event.


    I didn’t buy much and really didn’t get a lot of information about much … but, I did come away with a renewed sense of what I need to do and where my quilting talents need to go.  For that, it was all worth it.

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      TP Pumpkin

      I love to decorate for whatever holidays are coming up.  Well, you know, with kids … they do projects in school for the holidays and then you are forced to decorate around their creations when they bring them home!

      See how much fun having a fabric stash can be?!


      YES, I tell ya!  That IS a TP Pumpkin!  Ain’t it just so cute?!  I’m not the designer or the inventor of the idea.  I walked into a quilt shop a couple of years ago and they had one of these sitting by the register.  I asked where the idea came from, the owner said she heard it from so-and-so at guild … who heard it from so-and-so over coffee one morning … and on and on. 

      It’s made up of 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 fat quarter of orange fabric and 1 fat quarter of green fabric.  There is NO sewing, no glue, no anything except folded and finger-pressed fabric rolled around the outside of the TP roll … and the stem is rolled up green fabric.

      Go ahead, ADMIT how cute that simple decoration is!  Even if it is TP!


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