The Colors of Education Quilt

In February, I started working on a quilt gift for my husband’s second cousin, who was graduating from high school.  I had fun putting together a couple of traditional blocks, and then designing a few more blocks to match the theme and style of the quilt. 

Of course, as the summer and our house turned life beyond hectic, I forgot to finish the quilt on time.  oops!

But, it’s done now and as far as I’m concerned, it turned out absolutely gorgeous! 


A few quilt therapy notes about this quilt.  First, when my husband was helping me hang it up to photograph, he had to put his sunglasses on becasue it was SO BRIGHT!  Second, when I handed the quilt to Miss L, her aunt (my SIL) had to “tell her” to hug me and thank me for it.  ummm, the girl is 18 years old and she didn’t know to do this already?!  {shaking my head sadly}.  Finally, I’m writing this quilt pattern and will offer it for sale soon!

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    A Chip Off the Ole’ Block

    I was a Thespian in high school.  I most-enjoyed the ability to live life through someone else’s world.  I was even awarded a scholarship (which went unused) to a college for theatre. 

    Alas, acting was not to be for me as the only drama I get now is what these four wild kids create!

    But, the manly man has decided that he wants to make a movie.  


    We think that’s a good thing, so we’re encouraging him and helping him with it.  Today, we laid out the main characters, the mysterious plot, the special features and then an outline of the scenes.  Tomorrow, he’ll start writing the script for each scene.  He’s *very* excited about his movie – and I hope it helps him see that his fantabulous imagination can bring good fun to his days!

    Stay tuned for …. The Jungle Adventures!

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      Is it Just Me?

      Or does it bother you, too, that SO MANY people take “self portraits” in their bathrooms?  I mean, comeon!  Don’t people have mirrors in any other parts of their houses besides where we eliminate waste?


      oooooh {shudder} … it’s just the little things that send me over the top!

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        Mayo Cake

        I had to make some baked goodies for the girls’ school festival this weekend, and true to my “lazy” ways, I decided I wanted to mix up a cake and use my  mini bundt pans.  I mean, why make TWO cakes when you can make SIX, right?!

        If you know me, you know I’m not much for pre-made mixes.  I like to whip up a cake from scratch – really, though, what I like is that I can use ingredients I already have to make a delectable treat!  Not to mention that we live so far from town that buying cake mixes has to be a planned activity … and I’m just not so good at planning anything these days! 

        So, I went on a hunt in my cookbooks for something simple yet fulfilling.  Boy-oh-boy, I think I hit on a gold mine!

        Here’s the recipe I used – SIX ingredients:

        1. 2 c. flour
        2. 1 c. cocoa
        3. 1 c. sugar
        4. 2 teaspoons baking soda

        Sift those ingredients together.  Then add:

        1. 1 c. water
        2. 1 c. mayonnaise

        Stir until well blended and smoothe.  Bake at 375 for about 20 min. in the bundt pans, 25 min. in 9 x 13 pan or 35-45 min. in loaf pan.

        Once done, popped out of the bundt pan and cooled, I sprinkled them with powdered sugar and wrapped in colorful plastic wrap!

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