And They Heard Desperation in Her Post

Can you hear it?  The desperation?  The once-positive energy channeled into one single life-altering action?  The praying that is so constant that sparks are flying, like a welder who is putting two pieces of metal together?  The pleading for leniency, just one full day of sunshine?  The rope, that is so close to being at the end, the frayed end is visible?

That’s me.

On my knees.

Doesn’t seem to matter – our 10-day forcast is ugly.  Any hopes that we’ll be fully moved into our house by the end of June dashed.  I sit here in my wares because the rains soaked my jammies as I walked to my office this morning.  I would cry, but there’s enough moisture in the air right now, it wouldn’t do us a darned bit of good.

Let me list the highlights of our week – there *are* a few good things:

  1. Monday, we were able to get a load of possessions out of the storage unit and moved into the house.
  2. Tuesday, the appliance idiots finally showed up with our range and refrigerator.
  3. Also on Tuesday, I finally finished printing and burning an order for 600 CDs and got them mailed.  HUGE sigh of relief at accomplishing that, despite the obstacles!
  4. When getting ready to push the fridge into the allotted space, the no-brain idiot asked me, in a very condescending tone, “Did anyone think to measure for this fridge?”  As my husband calmly assisted in pushing it back, he explained that yes, of course, the space was measured…and his wife is a seamstress, so when she measures, she measures down to the millimeter.  The fridge fits perfectly, just as I planned!
  5. This would also be the idiot who didn’t listen to DH when told how to ease out of our yard with his big truck, to avoid getting stuck.  Did he listen?  Need I answer that?  JD just walked away from them, as it became their problem the minute they tuned him out.
  6. The icebox and stove are beautiful and I can’t wait to put them into action!
  7. We were able to get another load from the storage units on Tuesday, completely emptying one of them.  One down, one to go!
  8. Wednesday started and ended with rain, and lots of it.  JD decided to make lemons … errrr, a fire.  We had chickens, brisket and pork loin to smoke for the upcoming family reunion weekend, so he made fire and smoked meat all day.  I couldn’t stand it by evening and I asked him to hack off a piece of the pork loin … I finished cooking it in the kitchen and we ate it for dinner.  It was DIVINE!
  9. Sent photos to the home manufacturers of the house warranty issues.  No word from them, to date, about what they’re going to do about the carpet in the living room.  And, of course, we cannot put the baseboards or trim up until we find out whether they’re going to replace the awful mill end of carpet. 
  10. Furniture truck showed up to deliver JD’s new desk, some bookshelves that we’d ordered and our new dining room table.  They are gorgeous, if’n I do say so myself.  I’m excited about all the possibilities.
  11. Furniture truck got stuck, too.  Mud is mud and it’ll suck you down.  They did listen to the man-person, so he helped them by pulling them out of the goo with the tractor. 
  12. Got approval on the soil sample to proceed with the septic tank that we’d planned.
  13. The hole that JD dug for the septic tank is now an unplanned swimming pool.
  14. Neighbor man called and offered us the use of his backhoe.  I just love neighborly folk!  And if you’ve rented a backhoe recently, as we have, you know that this will be a HUGE savings when JD is ready to dig the drain field for the septic system!
  15. I took two showers in my new house, septic system be damned!  I will not be put off!
  16. I cleared out most of our belongings from MIL’s house.  We emptied out the bedroom that my two oldest daughters have been using, and cleaned the room and bathroom, including adding clean sheets to the two beds.  I got all of our “very important because we set them on this just-as-you-walk-in-the-door table” crap sorted, organized and culled.  With the family reunion coming up this weekend, MIL needed the space and I needed to jump in feet-first and clear it out.
  17. Today, I need to tackle our camper as there will be friends staying in it over the weekend.  We’ve lived in the camper for a year, so you can imagine that I have my work cut out for me today!
  18. We are hosting a birthday party for my MIL on Saturday.  Thankfully, it’s in town at her church.  Unfortunately, there is a swollen river between us and town.
  19. Friday, many friends and family folk will be showing up for the family reunion, which happens annually here over the July 4th holiday.  As it stands right now, it’ll be an over-nighter in the houses & camper instead of a camping adventure as it usually is.
  20. The kids LOVE mud!
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    WOW, Mom!

    Youngest Miss came to me the other day.

    “Mom,” she said, “when was I borned?”

    “March 10,” I replied.

    “No no no, I mean, WHEN … you know, 2000-something.”

    “Oh, well, you were born in 2001.”

    “Right, that’s what Mama Lu said.”

    “So, Mom?”

    “uh huh”

    “When did I come out naked?”

    “Well, you were born on March 10, 2001.” I replied.

    “WOW, MOM!” she very excitedly told me.  “I was BORNED on my BIRFDAY!”

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      The Toilet Lids are Taped!

      Yup, you heard right.  We don’t have a septic system in our new house yet, but we are ALL SO ANXIOUS to get moved into it that my dear husband went down and taped all of the potty chairs closed … and then put our lovely CAMP POTTY in one of the bathrooms!  This way, we can move our beds into the house … sleep there … and still have a place to tinkle, if we need to.  WOO HOO

      He’s going to the storage unit to get MY BED (insert happy dance here) tomorrow!!

      I spent the day shopping — UGH, do I hate shopping!  BUT, it was necessary and important … as we left most of our appliances in Utah when we sold our house. 

      First, I bought a new range:

      And then I purchased a new refrigerator:

      I also spent time choosing wood molding for the great living room — I hope it’s as pretty as I imagine it will be!  I will need to stain all of it, yet — got crown molding for the ceilings, baseboard molding for the floors and beautiful door & window moldings, too.  I’m so excited to see how it’ll all turn out!

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        Almost There!

        The contractor finished his set-up work yesterday — finish work, is what we’ve decided it is.  He fixed all of the doors (they kinda get off balance when the house is moved and set), finished the carpeting where it wasn’t done, got the ceiling fans working (mild wobbles now), added the beam to cover the seams in the ceiling and fixed the dining room wall (where it broke in transit) so it is amazing!

        Our living room went from this:

        taped & mudded

        To this:

        painted & textured

        Ah, what a relief it is!  The “hard” part for ME gets a big DONE stamp!

        The contractor said the kids’ rooms were finished and they could move their stuff in.  Our oldest went right up to the house and camper and got her prized books and drawing binder and moved them into her new room!  It was so cute to see!  Then, the youngest Miss went up to the camper and got her coloring books and moved them into her room.  hehe  You think they’re ready for a home of our own?

        JD started digging the holes for the septic tank today.  He got the 2 holes that the county inspectors need to come out to look at finished AND he nearly finished a 6′ x 6′ x 11′ hole that the septic tank will go into!  He installed alternative wastewater treatment systems for 5+ years here in this part of the world (before we moved to Utah), so he’s pretty knowledgeable about these types of things (whew).  He said once he dug the example holes, and found that the digging was pretty darned easy (i.e. no rock shelf like his mom lives on, up the hill from us), he knew that we could go with a conventional septic system and not an alternative (read:  $$$) one.  I gotta tell you, when he told me that, I was *beyond elated.*  Now, it’s just a matter of him doing all of the pipe work, setting the tank, digging the drain field and getting the county to come out and make sure all is well with what we want to do.

        AND, the AC was installed today!  woo hoo – life is definitely getting better!

        Next for this mom is Father’s Day – we have a great plan for what to get the dad-person (shhh, it’s a secret!).

        And the only thing that’s “hugely” left for the house (does that make any sense?) is for the carpet installers to come out and install the carpet in the living room.  Once that’s done, our lives will go into high-gear to get stuff moved in!

        I’m ready.  I’m beyond ready.  Just another week or two!

        We will still have to wait on the contractor(s) for the warranty work — like cutting a hole in my bedroom wall for the closet door and some holes in the floor.  We don’t have to wait on them, though, because we’re READY!

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