Bouncing Bundles of Joy: New Baby Quilt Patterns Designed by TK Harrison

There is something to be said for having a stand-by baby quilt pattern (or 13) with quick and easy go-to baby quilts when you need them.  I have designed just that!  A Quilter’s Dozen (13) original and quick baby quilt patterns in beautful bundles of joy!

Whether you want to create a baby quilt with triangles or without, all patterns are extremely beginner-friendly and can be instantly downloaded!  Buy one bundle or two or just go all in and buy the entire set for a very special bundle of joy in your world!





Click on any image above and you will be redirected to to purchase any of the quilt pattern bundles above.

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    Have You Seen the New and Improved Quilt Articles Website Lately?

    We have made finding just the right quilt article for your quilt needs much easier to find – no matter what type of computer/tablet/phone you are using!


    Go ahead – take a peek and find what you seek (couldn’t help my poetic self 🙂 )

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      A Box for Me, A Box for Me – Whatever Could it Be?

      I saw the FedEx truck pull up to my MIL’s last week, but since I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, I just figured it was for her.  On Saturday morning, my husband showed me a box that was addressed to me…but, I had no clue who it was from:


      I suppose I virtually know folks in Illinois, but that town didn’t stand out in my mind as anyone that I knew – and I had no clue who Diamond Marketing Solutions was nor who had their own shipping department!

      My husband cut the tape on the box for me, and this is what I saw:


      Whoa!  That’s a lot of paper packing – but still, it did not reveal a single clue as to who sent the box and what was in it.  I pulled out the paper to find this:


      Okay, now I had a hint as to what was in the box but I hadn’t ordered any Aurifil thread (I usually purchase mine a quilt shop that carries it)!  My husband then cut the tape on this envelope and out pops some beautiful variegated thread and white thread, 40 wt. for my longarm:


      The next thing to slide out of the box was this:


      Ah yes, I have quite a collection of these beautiful boxes!  When I opened that beautiful blue and white box – more thread popped out!


      And now the light bulb (or spool) finally comes into focus.  These threads are for Aurifil co-sponsoring my 2015 block of the month quilt at!   Look how gorgeous the threads are with the fabric!


      I’ll open an unknown box anytime if it has such beautimous fabric and/or thread in it!

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        Fat Quarter Deals

        I try to keep my stash well rounded with scraps, pre-cut fabrics, fabric yardage, etc.  Fat quarters are the one thing that I use most often…and the one thing I deplete in a hurry (I either use all of them or I use part of them so that they go to the scrap baskets).  I’ve also noticed I have a lot of a certain color that is not my favorite…and not a whole lot of another color that is one of my faves.  About the time I have a project ready to go, I begin searching through all of my fabric bins…only to come up short with some colors I need.

        I have been trying to keep a good count, and well rounded stock, of my fat quarters.  The best way that I’ve found is to have a list of fat quarter colors readily available, and every three months I try to replenish those fat quarter colors so I am rarely running out of the colors I need.

        Fat quarters.  Fat Quarters.  FAT QUARTERS!!! 🙂

        What about you?  Do you need to add some fat quarters to your stash?  Or need some fat quarters for a current project?  If so, check out Fat Quarter Deals!  Quality 100% cotton quilt fabric at awesome prices!


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