Vintage Quilt Completed

This beautiful quilt, guesstimated to have been made in the 1930’s, was *really* hard to let go of!  Absolutely beautiful.

But not mine.  WAAAAHHHHHH!

I’m not even going to try to explain the relationship with the owner and myself, but suffice it to say she was married to a cousin for many years and she will always be part of our family because of it.

But this quilt is still not mine!   WAAAAHHHHHH!

I wrote about this quilt here, which should give you a better understanding of what the original quilt top involved.  And below is the finished quilt (still stunning and STILL not mine!):


And this is the label I attached to the back of the quilt:


I put it in the mail to my cousin last week…and she should have it soon.  I was so very happy to finish this quilt for her and I hope she treasures it as much as it should be treasured…but, it’s still NOT mine!  hrumph

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    Friday Funday: Quilt Pillows

    MANY years ago, I purchased an adorable little Santa made from an old quilt.  We have had that Santa out every single year since then, to adorn our Christmas decorations.  And I have loved it as much as I did when I first purchased it!

    And ever since then, I have been on the lookout for old quilts that are damaged beyond repair in places.  These are the perfect quilts to cut up (without the guilt of cutting up a quilt!) and make pillows with.

    I do not have a photo of my quilted Santa (sorry!) – but, it is made up of two triangles of an old quilt, sewn right-sides together and turned, stuffed with pillow stuffing and sewn closed by hand…and then the eyes, mustache and beard are just hot glued onto the front of it.  It is extremely simple in design and I think that, too, is one of the things I love about it.

    So, while you are going to that second-hand store, a flea market or a garage sale – take a look to see if they have some damaged quilts they are selling…you could be making some new quilted fun out of some quilted oldies!


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      Vintage Quilt Love

      When we travel north and need a place to stay, my cousin always kindly puts us up.  I say kindly because there have been either five or six of us at her house at one time and for someone who is not used to kids around them all the time, it can be a challenge!  When she gave us a place to lay our heads on a pillow in May, she asked me to look at a quilt top she had and tell her how much it would be to finish it.  Since we were there for a funeral, finishing a quilt was the last thing on my list to do so I had my daughter put it in a bag and we brought it home with us.

      I either didn’t feel well enough to deal with quilting or didn’t take the time to look at that quilt, but I pulled it out this past weekend and WOW, was I ever in for a treat!  I almost hoped my cousin had found it at a tag sale or flea market so I could buy it from her!  Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for her – she believes it is a quilt that was made by her grandma.

      The fabrics are definitely of a 30’s (new fabrics that look like this are called retro) era – and as I looked at the fabrics, all I could think about was that they looked like many of the aprons my own grandmas wore.  Stunning quilt fun for this lover of quilts!

      This quilt is machine stitched in a basic log cabin quilt square with about 15″ blocks and the center of the blocks being about 5″ finished and all of the strips around the center are 1/2″ finished.  It is foundation-pieced with unbleached domestic (natural muslin) on the back of the blocks.  All I need to get done is the quilting and the binding and my cousin will have a blessed family heirloom to last for many more years to come.

      I felt lucky to have it, hold it and caress it, even if for a very short period of time.  Again, an absolutely beautiful quilt made with a quilter’s heart!




      More photos to come after I get the quilt back from my quilter!

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