Flashback Tuesday: Bittersweet Churning 2012 Block of the Month Quilt from BOMquilts.com

Have you ever designed and made (or just made) a quilt where you felt, down deep in your soul, who the quilt was for…before ever choosing who to gift a quilt to?  This one was mine.  When I started it, I had no clue who I would gift or sell it to.  But once it was complete, I knew who should have it.

Ultimately, this is a quilt made of nine-patch blocks.  Each block is different and yet, each is the same.

Bittersweet Churning 2011 Block of the Month Quilt from BOMquilts.com

I gifted this quilt to my foster mother, when she came to winter with us in early 2013.  And to say that she loved it would be an understatement.  She was tickled, excited and felt beyond blessed that I gave her one of my quilted creations – from my quilted heart to hers.

It’s never too late to give a quilt of love to a special someone in your life!

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    Christmas Continues!

    As many of you know, my (third) foster mother (FM) has come to winter with us for a couple of months to escape some of the winter in Iowa.  Before Christmas, I told her we were having a homemade Christmas just for her when she arrived – beats sending huge packages through the mail plus, we all wanted to see her reaction to our homemade gifts.

    In turn, she did some “closet shopping” – she went through her closet to find things that each of us would like and brought them.  What a great way to give gifts that have special meanings to both the giver and the receiver!

    I was so busy watching and listening to the gifts our family received that I didn’t get photos of each one of the kids.  Our youngest daughter received a book about a girl that was published in 1909.  I’m sure my FM didn’t realize the significance of that year but both my maternal grandfather and my husband’s paternal grandmother were born in ‘naught nine’.

    The son-man received my FM’s Boundary Waters tackle box.  The Boundary Waters are in northern Minnesota.  When I lived with these foster parents, we took three trips to canoe in the waters (over the course of two years) and then went again with our church youth group.  This is a very special gift, beyond the fact that my son loves to fish – it’s a gift that I know means a lot to my FM.

    Middle daughter received a music-themed charm bracelet since she LOVES music!

    Eldest daughter received a stone bracelet since she has to pick up a rock everywhere she goes.

    I received this beautiful cedar box.  As my FM told the story, back ‘in the day’, if you purchased a hope chest from a certain shop, you received a mini-hope chest as a special gift.  I never had a hope chest so now I finally do!

    My husband received two more lectionaries for his lay minister work.  My FM had bought him his first one last year and now he has all three versions, which are rotated during the church years – perfect gift for him!

    And then it was our turn to give back to one who has given us so much.  We decided to go (mostly) handmade because my FM has always been a crafts & sewing person. 

    Our youngest gave Grandma a set of loom potholders.  She and Grandma made cookies when we went to Iowa last summer.

    Son-man gave Grandma a bag of pecans she needs to crack open – just what she asked for!  (this was the only non-homemade gift but she specifically wanted this one).

    Middle daughter gave Grandma a really cool friendship bracelet she wove from embroidery floss in Grandma’s favorite color of blue!

    Our oldest daughter gave Grandma a scarf she crocheted all by herself.  Grandma taught her to crochet a couple of years ago so she wanted to show Grandma that she remembered how to do it.  The scarf is skinny because you don’t need much more than that in Texas.

    The final gift was from me – I gave her my beautiful 2012 block of the month quilt “Bittersweet Churning” (free pattern at BOMquilts.com) – she had happy tears and a great big smile when she saw the quilt.  She also put it right on her bed and has looked at the workmanship every day since she got it!

    Here’s my FM with all four of our children.  What a great late Christmas for one and all!

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      “Bittersweet Churning” 2012 BOMquilts.com Completed Quilt

      I have put up numerous photographs of the 2012 block of the month quilt “Bittersweet Churning”, one of my original designs at BOMquilts.com.   But, never have I put up the FINISHED quilt photos!  Oh yes, I finally got the binding done on it…because I wanted to gift it to a very special person and she’s going to be here today!

      I am in awe of the quilting, done by Kathryn Rister of Quilt Kits & Quarters:

      And then a friend offered to create the quilt label with her embroidery machine:

      I think the quilt turned out even better than I anticipated – and I hope my recipient agrees!

      Final finishing instructions will be posted at BOMquilts.com soon!

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        Revisiting BOMquilts.com Free Quilt Patterns

        I started my website, BOMquilts.com, because I fell in love with block of the month quilts.  I recall that when I designed my first BOM, the shop that sold the fabric kit ran out more than once – even making a call to Moda’s warehouse in Dallas and making the staff go searching for more fabric in the original fabric line!  The pattern is written for beginners, though certainly not excluding a more advanced quilter who wants to make a quick 12-block quilt.  ALL of my BOM and other quilt patterns remain free and on the BOMquilts.com website.  Sometimes, revisiting a pattern will spark additional creativity for quilters – or it will be a challenge to some who want to make a BOM quilt.  Personally, I know I have made one, if not two, of every quilt pattern I’ve designed.  So, take some time to revisit the oldies but goodies at BOMquilts.com, and if you want someone to put a kit together for you for any of my free quilt designs, give a shout out to Linda at AbbiMays.com and she will definitely assist you!

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          Quilted Love #5 from QuiltKitsAndQuarters.com

          My quilting policy is that I send a quilt to to a long-arm quilter and I ask them to choose the best quilting for my quilt.  I am not picky and I believe the best quilters are those who look at a quilt and quilt it to enhance my quilt design.  And there are times when the quilting TOTALLY “makes” the quilt.  This week, I want to show you some loverly quilts that were quilted by Kathryn Rister from Quilt Kits and Quarters.  Click on the images to make them larger so you can see the quilting detail of the quilt:

          “Bittersweet Churning” 2012 Block of the Month Quilt FREE Pattern from BOMquilts.com designed by TK Harrison

          Quilting Detail – Quilted by Kathryn Rister of Quilt Kits and Quarters

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