The Quilted Beauty of 116 Quilts

I stepped into our church yesterday to view the fruits of the labor of the wonderful church ladies who made 116 quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  You may remember how excited they were when I delivered a boatload of fabric to them.  I cannot tell how many quilts were made from the fabrics that were donated by the quilters I know…but, there is pure quilted beauty in the display of their efforts before they ship the quilts off.  Behold…











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    Calling All Quilt Therapy Fabric Angels

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think the movie “Pay it Forward” is one of the best movies for kids and adults to really get others to understand that one small act of kindness from you can have compound effects on others.  It creates a snowball effect, picking up other nice things as it rolls down the hill.  I have been on both ends of the kindness chain, and it feels so very good to be able to give back when you are able to, and to receive when you need it.  And I know that my children have benefited because they will go out of their way to help others without even asking us if they can.

    If you think about it and pay it forward, it makes for a life and not an existance.

    At this time, I have a virtual quilt friend in need.  She lives on a fixed income and is very responsible with her money, making sure those she owes are paid before ever using what is left of her disposable income for quilt fabric or supplies.  She has a heart of gold and I have no doubt that if I needed something, she would help me find a way to get it.

    But, right now SHE needs something, and I will do what I can to help her – because those of us who truly find sanity in quilt therapy will totally understand the desire to take some scraps of fabric to make something beautiful for someone else.  Nearly all of the quilts I have seen photos of that she has made, she donates.  If she needs some extra funds to pay for an unexpected expense, she will sell a quilt to pay for it.  Waste not want not is a way of life for her.

    So, I am asking if any of you have quilt fabric you are willing to send to her?  One fat quarter, one small box of fabric – anything to help her use her quilting skills to make her feel useful and have the pleasure of some more quilt therapy.  If so, please leave a message in the comments and I will privately email you her mailing address.  And I personally thank any Quilt Therapy Fabric Angels for helping out a quilt friend in need.

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      Out of the Fires Comes Quilted Love

      Last year, Texas received what I believe I read to be one of the worst droughts in history.  With the lack of rain, fires were everywhere.  One of the most devastating happened in Bastrop, Texas where at least 1,645 homes were destroyed.

      I found out one of my Girl Scouts had cousins who lost their homes in the fires that raged across Bastrop.  Immediately, I had a mission – to lovingly make quilts for those kids.  They needed a gift of quilted love from a quilted heart.

      Although I had the quilts done in November, we couldn’t seem to coordinate our schedules among us to get together so I could deliver the quilts and have a little photo op.  FINALLY, this past Monday at our local quilt group meeting, the kids and their mom were able to make it to town so I could give them a quilted hug.

      In this first picture, the little boy had been woken up from napping in the car….and then brought into a room of around 30 ladies looking at him.  He was not crying over the quilt in any way, just a bit shaken over the circumstances.  You will see in the last photo that he was all smiles.  Also, the county judge’s wife gave the kids sock monkey friends, and they loved both of their gifts!

      My quilted heart was bursting at the seams.

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        Another Beautiful Quilt Therapy Angel Recipient

        Hi Tammy:  I wanted to let you know that I got a box of quilting fabrics in the mail today from Sheila in DC.  Let me just say she was very, very generous.

        I had my 7 month old grand daughter, Zoey, this morning and I decided to take a ride with her in my power wheelchair, then I decided I’d go check my mail.  When I opened up my mail box there was a key inside, meaning I had a package in one of the larger locked mail boxes.  When I saw what a big and heavy package it was I thought I’d come back for it later, but I couldn’t relock the box, I guess only the mail  man can do that.  So I had to figure out a way to bring it home with me.  I had to end up standing up, putting Zoey in the seat, so that I could use both hands to get the package out of the mailbox.  I put it on the foot rest and rested my legs on it to keep it from falling off.  I can only imagine what I must have looked like.  

        We came home and I opened the box it was like Christmas! There was so much fabric, large pieces, small pieces, already cut quilt pieces, BOM pieces, Christmas fabric, floral fabric, already assembled quilt blocks, way too much to mention.  I oooh’d and aaaah’d over it all, while Zoey looked at me and with her great big smile.  Wonder if she saw a new quilt in her near future? 

        Zoey had her first quilting lessons today:  1-get the fabric; 2-get the fabric home any way you can; 3- Share the fabric with someone you love.

        Thanks so much for helping to bless so many people, and thanks for letting me share my joy.

        Blessings, Ruth

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          Another Quilt from my Quilt Therapy Angel in Need

          The lovely quilter who I sent fabric to as her Quilt Therapy Angel has made another quilt from some of the fabrics I sent to her!

          Remember, if you are a quilter in need, we have a group of Quilt Therapy Angels at-the-ready to send you some fabric, patterns or notions to help out!  Just send me an email at and I’ll connect you with someone who is willing and able to share their quilted hearts!

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