“20 Sew Speedy Projects”

I received word this past week that I had not one, not two but THREE quilt projects featured in The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s special issue of 20 Sew Speedy Projects that was just published this past week!

"20 Sew Speedy Projects" Special Edition from "The Quilt Pattern Magazine"

One of those projects is even featured on the cover of this special edition. Can you guess which one is mine? <3 Nothing feels better than to know that your quilty projects and patterns were chosen amongst dozens of others for a special edition of a quilt magazine! Especially knowing that I always try to write my patterns for beginners – which really and truly makes them ‘speedy’ for everyone.

Be it ever so humble, I am very grateful! Don’t miss out! Get yourself over to The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s special issue of 20 Sew Speedy Projects page, order and then immediately download your copy today!

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    “Fiesta!” Table Top Quilt Pattern designed by TK Harrison

    “Fiesta!” is an original design that will be included in the July 2016 issue of The Quilt Pattern MagazineThis bold and bright table topper measures 24 1/2″ square and is sure to brighten up any summer table!  This project is made even more special by using Insul-Bright® batting, to keep any serving dish of food that is put on it hot and/or cold.

    And no triangles means it is absolutely perfect for a beginning quilter as well as any more advanced quilter!.  A quilter can make this quilt in the matter of a few hours, just in case you need something quick for a hostess gift or for a fun table top decoration at the last minute.

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      Bouncing Bundles of Joy: New Baby Quilt Patterns Designed by TK Harrison

      There is something to be said for having a stand-by baby quilt pattern (or 13) with quick and easy go-to baby quilts when you need them.  I have designed just that!  A Quilter’s Dozen (13) original and quick baby quilt patterns in beautful bundles of joy!

      Whether you want to create a baby quilt with triangles or without, all patterns are extremely beginner-friendly and can be instantly downloaded!  Buy one bundle or two or just go all in and buy the entire set for a very special bundle of joy in your world!





      Click on any image above and you will be redirected to www.DashPatterns.com to purchase any of the quilt pattern bundles above.

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        “American Quilter” March 2016: Quilting for Multiple Sclerosis by TK Harrison


        American Quilter – March 2016 Issue

        My article in the March 2016 issue of American Quilter, focuses on Quilting for MS.  This topic hits pretty close to home, since I myself was diagnosed with MS in late December 2010.


        What I have found SO amazing about my published articles thus far is that the organizations I have highlighted in them has found a surge of new volunteers – which was the goal!  With this latest article, the Quilt Blocks for MS group on Facebook have not only found themselves with new volunteers but with volunteers who either suffer from MS or someone close to them (husband, child, etc.) suffers with the relentless damage that MS causes.

        There’s a lot of love in the quilt world and when I hear the stories from the leaders of the (lesser known) charities I’ve written about, they are so appreciative that I chose to highlight them and the wonderful things they do for others.  I come away with a huge smile and a heartfelt thank you to American Quilter magazine for publishing not just one of my articles but a whole year’s worth!  And the quilters the magazine reaches have stepped up to the plate to help those in need – that’s almost like doing a public service announcement!

        Quilters are amazing people with great big hearts and a willingness to do good for others, with their only goal being just to help those in need.  Thank you, from one quilter to another.

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          Toot My Horn Tuesday: Texas Stars


          “Texas Stars” Lap Quilt design by TK Harrison

          SO excited to see my “Texas Stars” quilt and pattern will be in the November issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine!  If you look at the whole quilt design, you should be able to see a great big KISS in the middle of this quilt (hint:  look for the X).  How much fun it is to see any of my designs published in this great, downloadable online magazine!


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