One Quilter Can Make a Difference

I have worked hard this year at trying to make one charity quilt in between other quilt projects I have created.  For instance, if I am working on a quilted gift for a loved one, I make that gift and then make a charity quilt, then make another quilt, etc. etc.

My own quilting is about me, whether those quilts are made for others, made for my websites or made for a magazine.  I’ve designed them, I’ve chosen the fabric for them.  I’ve gifted them with love.

My charity quilts are NOT about me.  They are about the charity that they go to.  They are no less loved than my own quilts but they are far more important, in the big scheme of all things quilted, than my personal quilt to-do lists.

There are thousands of quilts given away through the charity I work with.  THOUSANDS.  My contribution is an extremely small part of that.

Now, as one quilter, I can make a difference.  What would happen if a dozen, a hundred, a thousand quilters joined in to make charity quilts?  YOU can make a difference.  One quilt at a time.

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    Pause for a Cause: Breast Cancer Survivor Quilt

    A family member was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago.  She is doing well and following the doctor’s orders.  I wanted to make her a simple quilt with just a whole lot of love so I made a very easy patchwork quilt with only two fabrics.  The unexpected is that I put little pockets in the four corners of the quilt.  Then I asked for other family members to write something about love, healing, strength or upbeat to index cards.  When the quilt was opened and held up, everyone came forth with their little love cards and placed them in the pockets.


    How special it will be when the recipient gets home and relaxes with her quilt while she reads all the love from everyone.  Well done family, well done.

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      Good Old Fashioned Greeting Cards

      Oh my.  Writing a greeting card?  With a pen?  Addressing it?  And sending it?  What has this world come to?!


      I have some special family members and sweet friends who I (try to) send greeting cards to.  Be it for a birthday or just because I was thinking of them – I want them to know that I have taken the time and made an effort to show them that they are on my mind and in my prayers.

      Instead of purchasing specific cards such as for a birthday or any one occasion, I purchased a number of blank greeting cards.  This way, I can use any of the cards to write a personal message to the recipient inside of it.

      I cannot tell you how delightful it is to exchange cards with people that I care about.  I love the smiles, the hugs and especially the prayers to and from everyone.  No reciprocation required.  Just my time to sit down and spend mindful time with special people.

      Do YOU take the time to share your love with a greeting card?

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        What a Feeling to Pay it Forward from a Simple Goal!

        I really do not like to call attention to myself for sharing the talents and gifts I have been gifted with and then paying it forward with donations.  I believe we are to give without calling attention to ourselves.  But a goal was reached this year, despite everything, and I am extremely happy that I was able to do what I set out to do.  My goal was to make a quilt top a month for our church’s Lutheran World Relief quilt efforts.  I didn’t do it alone.  Far from it.  My secret special person, who has sent me $20 a month since I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease four years ago, played a part in this goal.  I used most of those funds from 2014 to purchase fabric with.  My foster mother played a part in this goal.  She visited our house in November and she pieced three of the quilt tops for me.  My family played a part in this goal.  They allowed me the time to cut and sew these quilt tops together.  And with every single quilt top I pieced, I prayed for whomever and whatever was on my mind – it is always my special time to reach out to God with each stitch I made.

        A goal was reached.  By me.  In the four years since my diagnosis, I have not been able to make a goal and fulfill it.  Too many distractions, too many doctor’s appointments, too many extracurricular activities, too many painful days – all of that adds up to not enough time, energy or gumption for me to deal with any goals I may have had.


        One goal down, hopefully many more to follow.

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          The Son will Come Out Tomorrow


          The brightness of these yellow flowers on some weeds remind me so much of the bright sunlight…and on my bad days, I have to keep reminding myself that the Son will come out tomorrow.  And if the sun continues to hide, then I can look at something so vibrant, so alive as this flower and realize the Son is here, there and everywhere.  I only need to close my eyes and talk to Him.

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