“Shabby Love” Block #7 Instructions Posted for this 2016 BOM quilt from BOMquilts.com!

“Shabby Love” is a treasure trove of LOVE blocks, created with the shabby chic Arbor Hill fabric line from Benartex.  Soft and supple, strong and delightful – oh what a precious hug this free 2016 block of the month quilt will give, once it’s made!


“Shabby Love” 2016 BOM Block #7

This block of the month quilt utilizes both pieced blocks and appliqué blocks.  It’s “Shabby Love”!  This BOM quilt is for confident beginners up to advanced quilters.

This 12 month original quilt pattern was designed for 2016 from BOMquilts.com by TK Harrison and is sponsored by AbbiMays.com, The Warm Company and Aurifil Thread!

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    Amazing Aurifil

    I have written a number of times about Aurifil and how great the company is for sponsoring so many of my quilt designs at BOMquilts.com over the past few years.  There are no other thread manufacturers I’ve ever contacted who have done as much for my quilts and my quilt website audiences than Aurifil has.  And their thread is beyond reproach.  I use it in my domestic sewing machine, in my embroidery/sewing machine and in my longarm.  It looks GOOD on me!  AND my quilts!

    aurifilThey have also been very generous to send me sample packages of their threads, to be gifted through this blog or my websites.  Winners love them and everyone loves to be a winner!


    So it should come as no surprise to anyone that once again, Aurifil has stepped up to the plate, with just a simple request from me.

    If you are a subscriber or reader of the American Quilter magazine (or this blog), you know that I have a year’s worth of articles in their 2016 issues, with each article falls under the umbrella of “A Year of Giving” and each article focuses on quilters who quilt or sew for lesser known charities.

    In the July 2016 issue of AQ, my article is called “No Foster Child Left Behind” and the goal is for quilters to make quilts for foster children.

    After the magazine was published, I received an email from a social worker in New York who said she and three current and/or former social workers started their own little quilt guild, making quilts only for foster children.  And since they worked directly with those foster kids, they could give them quilts without having to go through any agency, jump through hoops or deal with red tape.  What a fabulous group of ladies!!!

    But it pulled at my heartstrings, too.  Social workers in general get a bad rap.  Some deserve it but many do not.  They have a job to do and that is to make sure foster children are placed in loving homes, maybe even forever homes.  Or reunitied with their parents, if possible.  And on top of their jobs, they get together to bring quilts to those they serve – those who truly deserve them the most.

    So when I received that email from the social worker, the first thing I did was put a plan into motion.  I wanted to reach out to my professional contacts and see if they would donate product to this little quilt guild.  And the first person I contacted was Alex, the brand jedi of Aurifil threads.  I had a simple request, asking if Aurifil could donate some thread to this quilt guild and within 24-hours, he responded “YES, what is her shipping information?”  Didn’t ask me what the name of the quilt guild was.  Didn’t ask me for more information.  Didn’t hesitate to respond in the affirmative.

    There are many more reasons why Aurifil is my thread of choice…but when it comes right down to it, Aurifil is just amazing!

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      Sponsors Make a Difference

      This year, I have been very blessed by sponsors of my quilting endeavors on BOMquilts.com.  A couple of sponsors have worked with me before and I have some new sponsors this year, too.  I’d like to take a minute to thank those sponsors who graciously give of their wares so that I can pursue my passion of quilting.


      Abbi May’s Fabric Shop


      Aurifil Thread


      Camelot Fabrics


      The Warm Company

      Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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        Free 2016 BOM “Botanical Beauty” at BOMquilts.com


        “Botanical Beauty” 2016 Block of the Month Quilt. An original Project designed by TK Harrison from BOMquilts.com
        “Botanical Beauty” features rich and luxurious fabrics with blocks designed to add a touch of whimsy to your quilting with basic modern flares!

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          Abbi May’s Fabric Shop, Warm & Natural Batting, Aurifil Threads, and ME

          I will not complain about the Christmas decorations and detritus that is already on the shelves at the stores.  I won’t bat an eye when I see a skeleton hanging from light posts.  I will make sure to smile with anticipation at the turkey roasting pans mixed among the charcoal briquettes.   I will vow to do any of these things because I am one of those type of people now.

          The prepared.  The over-prepared.  The one that others may look at with disdain (until they see just what I am up to).

          I have already designed not one but TWO 2016 block of the month (BOM) quilts, to be showcased on my website, BOMquilts.com.  One quilt is shabby, one is modern.  Both of them should bring hours of quilt therapy and quilting joy to everyone who follows along and makes them!  And then the opportunity to share warm, quilty hugs from the fruits of your quilted labor.

          I have also found some super-fantastic sponsors for my 2016 BOM quilts – and I’m SO excited to share their products with you.  I have personally used each and every one of my sponsor’s products long before they were asked to sponsor my quilts!


          AbbiMays.com Fabric Shop will be sponsoring the fabric for both of my BOM quilts

          The Warm Company will sponsor their Warm & Natural Batting


          Aurifil threads will be sponsoring the sewing and quilting threads!

          Watch out quilters, I am ready to let 2016 begin!

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