What’s in YOUR Sewing Room, Quilt Room or Studio?

I just have to laugh when someone comes to see me and wants to see what quilts I have made or projects I have completed…and as they look around, they see other things that make them ask me why I have such an item in my sewing room.  It’s time to come clean!  These are some not-so-normal items that I found in my sewing room that an outsider may have no clue about.


This is a Pampered Chef® Pastry Plastic Scraper.  I just looked on their website and do not see it listed, so they may not make them anymore.  This is one handy tool, though!  I use it when I’m trimming blocks or fabric to scrape my cutting board of the tiny pieces left behind.


This is a pasta fork used in most kitchens who make pasta.  One of my dear friends showed me how wonderful of a back scratcher it is so I keep it in my cup of necessary sewing gadgets in case I have an itch that I need scratching.


Most quilters know what the bottom tool is, it’s a classic crystal point turner.  But, if I have something bigger that I need to turn right-side out, my husband made me this stick – which works perfectly to at least get my project turned and then I use the point turner for getting my corners pushed out.


Clothes pins are a must-have around my sewing room.  You can see one here, holding up some of the templates that I use quite often.

What’s in YOUR sewing room that is unconventional but serves a great purpose to you?

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    Quilt Pins vs. Non-Quilt Pins

    My loving sister-in-law bought me this cute pin holder and pincushion for a gift a couple of years ago.  It’s adorable!  I loved it immediately!


    Until I used them for the first time and realized they are NOT quilt pins.  I have been working hard at separating them from my quilt pins as they were intermingled before I realized these are just not sharp enough for quilting.

    These are the quilting pins I prefer to work with:


    What pins do you prefer for quilting?

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